English Speaking Training – Steps By Anju Jindal

English Speaking Training- Steps

f you are someone, who is looking forward to becoming a fluent English speaker, you need to undergo English speaking training -steps by Anju Jindal. Here, you will get to know the three steps essential to help you learn English speaking. You will be able to master reading, listening and speaking, three critical skills for learning a language.

Spoken English Training Principles

Principles of spoken English

One question often asked me is how to learn spoken English. My answer to this is simple and direct: learn the principles of spoken English training. Once you know the principles of spoken English training, you will have your foundation set.

Public Speaking Training || Styles Of Public Speaking

Public Speaking Training

Everyone needs to give presentations, whether you do a job or business, so we need to know the styles of public speaking in Public speaking training. The simple way to make a presentation is by knowing the purpose of the presentation. We will be discussing styles of public speaking.

English communication classes || Learn To Speak English

English communication classes

English fluency is the stage in learning English when you speak English the way you do in your mother tongue. This blog lets us learn to speak English fluently in English Communication Courses. Many people do not feel it is realistic, but thousands of people reach the fluency level every year with determination. You will also be able to do it.

How to make yourself more employable


One question which most job seekers ask is how to make yourself more employable. A degree is always beneficial when it comes to the job, but if you need to prove yourself in this challenging scenario, you must be in the employer’s good book.

English speaking skills as an introvert

How to speak English for introverts

Many people say that you need to speak English right from day one. The only option to learn a language is you need to know it. But, you are an introvert, so it will be difficult for you to speak from the first day.
It would help to remember that the faster you start, the better it will be for you, as you will get better at an essential skill: not getting terrified to speak in front of people.

How to stay motivated after you lost the job

How to stay motivated after you lost the job

What will happen when suddenly one day a person gets to know, that he does not have a job?

This is a situation that many of the working professionals have faced recently, due to the pandemic. One fine day, they get to know that company has sacked him out of his job that too without any prior notice.

Questions to ask the interviewer in Interview

Questions to ask the interviewer in Interview

The interview is a process for getting a good job by giving good answers. In an interview, it is also really very important to ask good questions at the end of the interview with the employer.

What is mock Interview || Practice for Interview

What is mock interview

If you want to be confident during a real interview with employees, you need to prepare yourself for interview skills with a mock interview. You need to get accustomed to the interview process and gain more confidence. The first question that arises here is what is the mock interview.

How to find a job after graduation

How to find a Job after graduation

One question which agitates us during our graduation is how to find a job after graduation. Though, If the right things are done and at the right time then, this will not be a big problem.

In this blog, I will share the tips, tactics, and methods to follow in order to find a job after graduation.