Everyone knows that when we go for the interview, we need to take or send the resume or CV along. But, we also need to send a cover letter. So, let us just know what is a cover letter?


COVER LETTERWhat is a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document which is also known as covering letter or motivational letter. It is sent along with a resume or CV to specify how you are the best candidate.

The cover letter tells about you in a more personal way and compliments the information on your resume or CV. It is a document that expands all the skills, achievements and highlights the selection of what you have chosen as successful career. This motivational letter needs to be well organized and clean.


How can you make cover letter?

What is a Cover Letter

The cover letter can be made using a normal document application like Winword or we can also use Canva like options.


Samples of resumes

Resume 1

Resume 2

Resume 3


Purpose of cover letter

Earlier there was no need to have a different document apart from a resume or CV. But, today the scenario is different as it conveys your personality, accomplishments and provide motivation.

Firstly, it provides additional background information about your application. Secondly, the purpose of the cover letter is to highlight your best qualification, explain what is missing from your resume. Lastly, it reflects your commitment towards potential job, as it needs your extra time on your part to write one.


There are various reasons why cover letter is important

  • More than half of the employers, says resume should be accompanied by a cover letter.
  • Employers tell that the cover letter is a factor that’ll make them pay more attention to the job applicant. This is one of the best ways to boost your chances for the job selection.
  • Most of the employers feel that the applicant can be rejected if the resume is not with cover letter.
  • The recruiters are looking forward to a half page or less than that cover letter which can help them review the job application in less than 5 minutes.
  • 25% of the employers do not even consider resume without a cover letter.
  • Also, the cover letter can explain the missing parts of the resume.


Components of cover letter

What is a Cover Letter

  • Information about you
  • Date
  • Contact person’s name,
  • Title, Employer, and Address
  • Salutation
  • Opening paragraph
  • Middle paragraph
  • Second middle paragraph
  • Contact information and closing

Content of the Cover letter

  • First, make sure the content is organized in a reasonable and logical order.
  • Then, always use correct grammar.
  • Also, keep your sentences short.
  • Keep the paragraphs short.
  • Do not forget to use short words and simple language.
  • Make every word count.
  • Lastly, punctuate using commas, dashes, and periods.

Major important points of cover letter

  • A cover letter is accompanied with the resume or CV and it shows that you are the best applicant for the job position.
  • Not everyone wants a cover letter, but the major portion of the employers wants to see a cover letter with resume and CV.
  • If you do not accompany your resume with cover letter, then you are reducing the chances of getting selected.

 Things to take care

  • Be focused on the employer’s need, rather than your need for a job.
  • Specify how your skills and personal qualities match the needs of the employer.
  • Stay focused on what you can offer to the employer and how you will contribute to the organization.
  • Showcase that you have researched the company, so make sure you double check the facts.
  • Try to be specific and avoid general statements.

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