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Time Management Blueprint

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Time management Training

Time management training will help you learn the tools, strategies, and techniques that can help you make the most of your precious time. In this time management course you will be able to analyze your strengths, weaknesses and get a clear sense of your purpose. You will be able to set priorities, schedule a to-do list, and make a personal action plan in a manner that you are able to maximize the output. You will also be able manage the expectations of others and be more effective.

Time management training helps you to develop the mindset and skills with which you will be able to get rid of negative behavior patterns. You will also be able to take better decisions, meet deadlines and achieve your goals. These time management course will completely change the way you manage yourself and your time.

Time management course module:

  • Time planning and time management
  • Evaluating your current strengths
  • The personal style of time management
  • Recognizing opportunities for improvement
  • Factors that adversely impact your time
  • Determining your primary purposes
  • Assessing clarity of purpose
  • Steps to boost your concentration
  • Profiling your energy levels
  • Aligning tasks as per high and low energy
  • Maximizing the Important/Urgent matrix
  • POSEC method
  • Applying the Pareto Principle
  • Building your schedule
  • Assigning tasks into a weekly and daily schedule
  • Scheduling to create greater work/life balance
  • Creating a dynamic to-do list
  • 135 To-Do list
  • Reducing mental clutter
  • Reviewing tasks
  • Understanding what causes procrastination
  • Tools and techniques to overcome mechanical procrastination
  • Using available resources and maximizing results
  • Achieving success and happiness
  • Analyzing your progress
  • Changing your time habits for the better

After this Time management training, you will be able to:

  • Learn to manage your time by implementing a framework to achieve goals
  • Learn to make decisions about what you do and when
  • Learn to apply a structured whole-brain process to shape your current and future commitments
  • Learn to proactively schedule tasks, construct weekly plans, and create to-do lists
  • Learn to adopt strategies and techniques to handle procrastination and interruptions
  • Learn to plan your priorities for effective time scheduling.
  • Learn to implement the POSEC method.
  • Learn the 135 daily scheduling.
  • Learn to review and analyze time better.
  • Learn to be more satisfied and achieve more.
  • Learn the reasons for procrastination.
  • Learn the anti-procrastination strategies.

Content of Time management course:

The Time Management program is a 100-hour program that can be done by anyone who wishes to plan and manage time effectively. The contents which are covered in the course are as follows:

  • What are the time management Programs and their importance?
  • What are the skills needed for time management?
  • What is the mindset you need in order to plan and manage time?
  • How to set an intention for completing the tasks on time?
  • How to plan your priorities for effective time scheduling?
  • How to overcome the invisible barrier which leads to procrastination.
  • What is CSIW MODEL for scheduling the priorities?
  • What is the POSEC method for managing time?
  • How to do effective time planning with 135 daily scheduling? 
  • How to set weekly schedules for better time management?
  • How to know your time usage?
  • What kind of planning is better?
  • How to review and analyze time?
  • In the bonuses you will also learn:
    • Why do we procrastinate?
    • What is the anti-procrastination process?
    • How anti-procrastination process helps in goal achievement?
    • How to be a good public speaker?

Who should do this course:

The Time management training is for anyone who wishes to have a systematic time management system that can help in career growth and success. If you wish to plan your time and manage it so that you can grow in life.

So, it is designed for…

  • Anyone who does not know how to manage time, but procrastinates important things in life.
  • Anyone who wants to lead a team like managers, team leaders, and business people.
  • Anyone who has trouble meeting schedules and deadlines.
  • Anyone who is a professional looking to enhance and advance their careers.
  • Anyone who wants to work in a busy, fast-moving environment.
  • Anyone who is regularly working extra hours just to complete the tasks.
  • Find it difficult to manage the demands and expectations of others

With this you will get:

  • Free VIP Community membership (worth Rs 1999 /-)
  • 24 hours online support for a year
  • 2 Mind maps
  • 10 Videos
  • FREE self-assessment.
  • 2 Free Courses
  •            Free Anti Procrastinating Blueprint Course
  •            Free Public Speaking Course

Outcome of time management course: 

  • You will know how to plan and manage time in an effective manner.
  • You will be able to manage time to get success in life.
  • You will be able to prioritize your work and manage deadlines.
  • You will be able to manage interruptions and issues more effectively.
  • You will be able to make the best use of technology like a calendar.
  • You will gain growth in your professional and personal life with time management.
  • You will know how to do tasks without procrastination.

About the trainer: Anju Jindal

  • Turned from a non-communicative person into a speaker and a soft skill trainer.
  • Trained more than 10,000 students, professionals.
  • An entrepreneur of two successful organizations.
  • Career Growth Specialist and founder of Career Growth Academy.
  • On the mission to help thousands of people to accelerate their career growth with the help of career hack and communication skills.

Time Management Course Blueprint helps students and professionals to learn how to make the best utilization of their time and have growth in life. Time management program will change your life as if you can manage time, you can have success and growth in life.