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English Speaking course
English Speaking Course - This is the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) can be used to describe the academic achievement of English learners. The following table shows the levels:
Level Level Name Description
Level 1  Beginner

One can comprehend and use simple expressions and phrases related to concrete needs

Can introduce themselves and others and ask and answer questions about personal details such as where they live, people they know, and things they own.

One can interact easily when the other person talks slowly and clearly and is willing to provide assistance.

Can comprehend simple sentences and common expressions related to immediate interests (such as basic personal information, shopping, local geography, and employment).

Communicates well in simple, routine activities requiring simple and direct information exchange.

Can explain simple terms like their background, immediate environment, and immediate needs.

Level 2 Intermediate

Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters frequently encountered at work, school, and leisure.

One can handle most situations that may arise when traveling in an area that speaks the language.

Can produce simple connected text on familiar or personal topics.

One can describe experiences, events, dreams, hopes, and ambitions, and briefly explain opinions and plans based on personal experiences and events.

Can comprehend complex text on concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in their specialization.

Has the ability to interact with native speakers without strain, and with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with them quite possible.

Can write explicit, detailed texts on a wide variety of topics, giving a detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of different perspectives.

Level 3  Advance

One can Understand longer and more demanding clauses, and identifies implicit meanings.

Can express ideas fluently and spontaneously without searching for words.

Has the ability to use language effectively and flexibly for academic, professional, and social purposes.

Can create clear, well-structured, detailed texts on complex subjects, using different ways to organize things, connectors, and also cohesive devices.

One can understand almost anything they hear or read with ease.

Can summarise information from different written and also spoken sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts coherently.

One can express themselves spontaneously, fluently, and precisely, distinguishing finer shades of meaning even under complex circumstances.


Why should I take Anju Jindal English Speaking Course?

  • Do you lack confidence when expressing your ideas?
  • Are you nervous when you speak English?
  • Are regional languages a barrier to learning?
  • Is it embarrassing to face your colleagues?
  • When you are having a conversation, do you feel shy?
  • Is there a lack of exposure in the recent past?
  • Do you lack a good vocabulary?
  • Does incorrect grammar pose a barrier to learning?
  • Are you unable to converse fluently in English?



Why join me?

  • I have 17+ years of experience in Soft skills & career development Training.
  • Industry Exposure.
  • I have trained 10000+ Students and professionals who are confidently working and have growing careers.
  • Learning by activities.
  • I am passionate to teach.
  • Confidence building day by day.
  • Practical ways to make English your habitual language.
  • Lifetime community support.
  • Additional content in the form of video libraries and blogs.

In English speaking course, you’ll be enrolled in a level based on your

  • Pre-knowledge
  • Your learning goals
  • Assessment

Who can do this course?

The Anju Jindal Beginner English speaking course is ideally suited to students who want to learn English for the first time or can already make simple sentences. In addition to being unable to construct sentences and speak English, students now want more structured sentences.

I can also help you gain confidence. Furthermore, the exercises, techniques, and teaching styles you will use will help you improve your English.

Lessons are fun, activity-based, and enjoyable, and we also try to help you learn faster.

What You Will Learn?

  • The proper way to introduce yourself.
  • Meeting & greeting
  • Vocabulary about everyday topics such as jobs, sports, food, clothes, ordering things, making reservations, furniture, shopping, education, music, the family, holidays, and adventures.
  • Useful phrases to use every day.
  • Sharing personal information.
  • Making requests, asking for permission, Asking for what you want, Clarifying,
  • Grammar (parts of speech) such as the present and past simple, prepositions, and possessive adjectives.
  • The correct way to pronounce words.
  • Understand by listening.
  • Engage others in a conversation by making it fun and also engaging.
  • Communicate in everyday English with different people in different situations.
  • Learn the alphabet sounds and also how to use them.
  • Put your thoughts into simple words.
  • Put basic punctuation in your writing.
  • Learn how to spell common words.
  • Building confidence
  • How to ask for directions and further describe people.
  • How to recognise feelings and attitudes.
  • Basic paragraph writing
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Who can do this course?

The Anju Jindal Intermediate English speaking courses are designed for elementary English speakers to take their English to a higher level. As a result, you will be more comfortable in conversation, listening for meaning, and making complex statements.

This course focuses on advanced grammar, pronunciation, and structure so that you can speak and write formal English. Additionally, you will gain public speaking skills.

This course will help you maintain comfortable conversations in formal situations. You will further improve your listening skills. As you advance to this level, you can also acquire more knowledge based on what you gained at lower levels.

What You Will Learn?

  • Be confident in your conversations
  • Using professional English at work, with clients, and also  with colleagues.
  • Requesting information or instructions
  • Deliver presentations and speeches
  • Listen for brief narratives and explanations that contain significant information.
  • Use both phonic and graphic knowledge in order to decode words.
  • Use illustrations, maps, diagrams, and captions in order to gather information.
  • Write book and film reviews, emails, informal letters, and verbal feedback.
  • Capitalize and further punctuate correctly.
  • Construct complex and formal sentences using conjunctions like And and But.
  • Communicate politely, offer suggestions, express opinions, and also agree to disagree
  • Use your voice, stress, and intonation in order to convey your meaning
  • Advance Grammar including Active passive, Direct Indirect, Inversions and much more.
  • Listen to specific information on radio, TV, lectures, or in conversation
  • Use proper formal and informal English, including over the phone, in appropriate settings.
  • A variety of formal vocabulary topics, including interviewing, office setup, etc
  • Reading and finding the main points and also predicting words from the context.
  • Create a social media profile that also helps you network more effectively
  • Improve your reading skills and also learn unfamiliar words.
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Who can do this course?

The Anju Jindal Advanced English speaking course will give you a deeper understanding of communication beyond survival. During this course, you will also be able to start and continue conversations with relative ease.

The focus is on understanding details, more complex language in long interactions, and further written content. By doing so, you will be also able to use English more effectively because you will develop critical thinking skills.

In order to accomplish this, simulations, real-life practice, and more challenging exercises are used. A variety of reasons may make this course useful to students who want to do business, work, or also improve their English proficiency.

What You Will Learn?

  • What to do in face-to-face and telephone situations when unexpected or also awkward situations arise.
  • The best way in order to give and report opinions.
  • The best way in order to take part in formal interactions like office meetings and job interviews.
  • Strategies in order to confirm understanding, respond sympathetically, and give advice and suggestions
  • The best way in order to provide feedback and confirmation to others.
  • Knowing how to present main points and also specific details.
  • What is the best way in order to use skimming, scanning, and detailed reading?
  • A method of predicting meaning, trying out possible meanings, and reading and checking for meaning using implicit and explicit grammar knowledge.
  • Developing an understanding of a range of vocabulary by applying knowledge of word structure, related words, word roots, and borrowings.
  • Structure texts sequentially and coherently.
  • Choosing the right language for the purpose and audience.
  • What format and structure in order to use for different purposes.
  • Taking decisions, giving instructions, arguing a point of view, coming to an agreement.
  • Make presentations and also tell interesting stories.
  • Create a report, write a news article, and compose effective formal and informal e-mails.
  • Create essays describing cause and effect and expressing your point of view.
  • Use idioms, collocations, and phrasal verbs in everyday situations.
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About Anju Jindal

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About me, I would like to tell you that I made the wise decision by becoming a trainer. In essence, my mission as a Soft Skills and Career Development Trainer is to empower individuals in order to embrace their full potential. I also foster lifelong learning and pave the way for a prosperous and fulfilling career journey.

As an accomplished Soft Skills and Career Development Trainer, I bring over 17+ years of invaluable experience from my training and entrepreneurial journey. I empower individuals to unlock their true potential and excel professionally. With a passion for teaching and mentoring, I have successfully trained and guided over 10,000 students and professionals, transforming their lives and careers for the better.

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I take

pride in offering innovative methods to cultivate English language proficiency as a habit rather than a struggle. Moreover, through engaging exercises and interactive sessions, learners naturally embrace English as a seamless part of their daily lives.

Additionally, my dedication to my students extends beyond the training period, as I provide lifetime community support to stay connected and encourage mutual growth. Additionally, learners benefit from exclusive access to a vast video library and insightful blogs, offering a treasure trove of additional content to expand their knowledge continually.

I also focus on group and one-to-one learning for learners, where everyone receives individual attention. Moreover, Anju Jindal courses offer students the opportunity to advance quickly and effectively, saving them time and also money.

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