Public Speaking series is a series in which I have shared 10 tips on a weekly basis, which can help anyone to learn public speaking. These tips will help the candidate to know what all is needed to learn public speaking. It will also tell how you can do it by yourself.

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Check the tips:

Know your audience

If you wish to be a good public speaker, you need to know for whom you need to do public speech. This tip will help you to get fearful and be confident while speaking in front of the audience.

You need gather as much information as it is possible regarding your audience. The information like who is the audience, what are their demographics, what is their language understanding, What information they would want to know from you.

It will help you to plan your content of public speech in a better way.

Nervous is normal, prepare and practice

As far as public speaking is concerned, nervousness is normal. Accept that you are nervous, so prepare and practice. Do not associate these feelings with you not being able to speak publicly. This nervousness will help you if you take it positively.

Prepare the content as per the audience. Write the content and rewrite if needed. Once you prepare the content rehearse and practice the same. It will help you to be confident in regard to the content.

Do not read, Take care of non-verbal communication

One mistake many of the speakers do at the initial stage is reading from the script, while presenting the content. You should rather make the pointers of the content and explain the pointers one by one. This will help you engage with your audience and have a connection with them.
You also need to focus on non-verbal communication as this will help you be more confident and expressive in front of the audience. There are a lot of things as far as non-verbal communication is concerned, but 4 things are really important. Few of them are genuine smile, appropriate eye-contact, straight and open body posture.


Find a role model to know what to do

While preparing for public speaking, you can have hundreds of questions. Best way to prepare yourself is to find a role model. The role model who you look up to as far as public speaking is concerned.
A role model will help you to know exactly, how to proceed. How to start and close the public speech. How to create engagement with the audience. What to do in order to create an everlasting impression.

If you simply follow the role model and try to keep your presentation as per your role model, then this is going to take you a long way as a public speaker.


Be energetic and confident

When you give a public speech, two things which can really make your audience interested and engaged with you are energetic and the confidence. 

If you are energetic, your energy will be transferred to the audience. When the energy is good, the audience will be positive and engaged in your conversation.

If you have the confidence while giving a public speech, you will be able to get the trust from the audience. For gaining the confidence, you need to prepare and practice the content.


Have logical order of the content

Public speaking is not about accent, language, but about the content you cover during the public speech. While presenting the content make sure to work on the points what you cover. The content should be in the logical order and in organized.

For having the logical order of the content first know the time of the speech. Divide the content in 3 parts – introduction, content and conclusion.
Firstly, introduction and conclusion should take 10% of the time and the content should take the rest of the time. In the introduction tell the audience what is there for them in it?
Secondly, in the content, portion decide how many points you want to cover and allocate all the points appropriate time. Do it with the help of POSEC method. Moreover, while concluding, tell the main points of the content. To know more about it, certainly check the video.


Focus on retainment of the content

When content is shared, there is a lot of possibilities that the audience is not able to retain the content.

This is a very common issue, so follow the following point in order to make sure that the audience is also able to retain the content.

-> Introduce with Hook up.

-> Tell a story.
-> Ask questions during the presentation.
-> Summarize the points at the end.
-> Give handouts at the end of main points.

If the above points are taken into consideration, then the content will be retained by the audience.

One topic one day

You have to choose one topic for the day and record your speech on that topic. If this is done for a minimum of 10 days, you will also start noticing the improvement.

When you are working on one topic, then follow the PIPEC method to create the speech.

P is PURPOSE – The first thing certainly to do while presenting a speech is to define the purpose of your speech and what is there for the audience in it.

I is IMPORTANCE – The second thing in the speech is to share the importance of the topic for the listeners. Moreover, this will create their interest in the topic.

P is PREVIEW – After the importance, you should share all the relevant points in a detailed manner.

E is EXAMPLE – Now, let the audience understand the point and for this, you can share a real-life example. It will certainly help the audience to understand the topic well.

C is CONCLUDE – At the end, you should also conclude the topic by repeating the main points.

Practice for 30 minutes daily

All the tips and tricks work, only if you practice it regularly. To become expert at something, it is always necessary that we make a routine to practice regularly. 

In order to become expert, if you practice anything for 10000 hrs. In case you want to be better at something, then you should practice the art for 30 minutes daily. The same is also true with Public speaking also. Public speaking is an art and it does not matter, what method you apply, but if you practice it then you will get better at it.

Challenge yourself to perform

Challenge yourself to do new things. Also, participate in various activities to know how are you improving. What all skills have you acquired and what all needs to be done.

When you challenge yourself, you perform and also take actions, which ultimately results in the betterment of your skills.


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