Interview Question Series


Interview question series is a series in which I have shared 10 tips on a weekly basis, which can help anyone to handle interview questions. These tips will help the candidate to know what all is needed to be done handle interview questions. It will also tell how you can do it by yourself.

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Check the tips:


Research about the company, industry, and job

When we talk about interview questions, handling them can be stressful and nerving. One tip that can really help you is research about the company, industry, and the job.

Research about the company directors, mission, and what products or services the company deals with. Research about the industry in order to get as much information as possible. Research about the job profile, what is needed, and what skills you possess. It will help you to choose the right opportunities for you.

Make a list of questions that can be asked

In the interview, it is all about the questions and how you answer them. If you are aware of the questions, that can be asked in the interview, it will help you to prepare them well before the interview.

Interview questions relate to you, it is all about you only. If you can have all those questions known in advance, you can perform better. Moreover, practicing these interview questions will help you to be more confident.

You will be able to handle the interview without getting nervous. 

Make a list of skills, abilities

When we give interviews, it is about you, your skills, abilities and how you can be a great fit for the job. For this, you need to make a list of skills, abilities and experience you have.

When you have this list ready, you will be able to match them with the requirement of the job description.

In this way, you will be able to answer the questions as per the need of the interviewer.

This will help you get in order to get a better chance of getting selected in the interview.


Use STAR interview technique

When you have to prepare the answers of the interview questions, try using the STAR interview answering techniques.

STAR stands for

Situation: First thing is to open up the story by giving a brief description of providing context. Your answer basically should give details like who, what, where, when, and how of the question. Be specific by providing important details and do not be general.

Task: Firstly, you can explain the way in which you tackled the task. Here, you should highlight the challenges, and hurdles that were faced by you. Also, define the task which needed to be accomplished. You can also give a relevant, and real example.

Action: Secondly, you should now tell the steps you took to complete the task. Further, focus on your traits and skills which helped you to complete the task.

Result: Lastly, you should close the story by telling the results you achieved. Mention the results, learnings and accomplishments.


Give real answers

When you are giving answers of the interview questions, it is important to take care that you give real, complete and brief answers.

If you want the employer to trust you and you are able to showcase your knowledge, experience and skills, then the only thing you need to take care is give real answers and not fake.

It will also help you to showcase your confidence, your skills, experience and knowledge.


Honest is the best policy

When you are giving an interview, one thing to remember is “Honesty is the best policy”.

You should be honest the way you give answers and what you give an answer.

When you give answers:

1.) Firstly, give correct and true information.

2.) Secondly, do not say anything which you do not know.

3.) Thirdly, if the interviewer uses words that you do not understand, then just follow the following things:

      -> Do not be afraid.

      -> ask for clarification and see if the explanation makes sense.

      -> if you still, do not get a clue, then you should say that you are unsure of the concept, but you are excited to learn about the industry in this role.

No one is perfect!

We all learn and grow. In this way, you also showcase, how you handle pressurizing situations. 

Have an everlasting first impression

When you go for an interview, meet anyone or give a presentation the first impression is an everlasting impression, so be careful regarding the same. Score in the first five minutes for best results.

Make sure of the following during that:

  • Firstly, appropriate body language
  • Secondly, polite and formal behaviour
  • Lastly, prepare and practice
This will help you go a long way.


Answer the questions as per the profile

In an interview, definitely you will have to answer questions. You need to make sure that the answers you give is matching what you have in your profile.

This profile includes your social media profiles like LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, Job portals, etc. This is necessary as it will build trust in employers for you.

In turn, trust is really important for getting the job.



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