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Fearless Communicator Blueprint

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Public Speaking Course

Communicating effectively with everyone is an important skill, irrespective of which profile or industry you work in. This Public speaking course/ Communication skill course helps you to communicate in a confident and impressive manner to have good relations with your seniors, subordinates, colleagues, and others. It will lead to building and getting social respect which in turn will help you to gain trust and resolve differences with others. It will also help you to increase your chances of better employment opportunities.


To gain confidence, deliver speeches, presentations in public, and motivate others, you need to learn public speaking and communication skills. In this course, you will learn to present the information/ideas in a persuasive and entertaining manner with ease. You will be able to get applauses and desired results by mastering soft skills and become a great public speaker.


You will also learn the natural way of learning English communication and develop speaking skills to enhance career and social prospects. This will be done through practical, tested, proven speaking activities and methods that will help you communicate habitually.



Communication skill course module:


  1. Mindset development (Self-Motivation, Self-Confidence, Self-Talk, Self-Image, Assertiveness, Decision Making) 
  2. Eradicating fear in public
  3. Verbal assertive communication
  4. Listening skills
  5. Non-verbal skills
  6. Confidence building
  7. Thinking fast to speak fluently
  8. Communication etiquette & strategies (Also visual aids)
  9. Impressive first impression & introduction
  10. Conflict Management & people management
  11. Networking & relationship building
  12. Voice techniques (Phonetics, Pronunciation, Voice modulation, Speaking Pace, MTI)
  13. Vocabulary enhancement (Vocabulary Tips, Functional vocabulary, Phrases, Day to day use vocabulary, Complex vocabulary)
  14. Essential Grammar & basic sentence framing
  15. Activities
      •      Day to day conversation / dialogue delivery (including current topic)
      •      Debates & group discussions
      •      Impromptu/ extempore (How to speak on any topic)
      •      Role play (including real life situation)
      •      Storytelling 
      •      Presentation (verbal and PowerPoint)
      •      Speech (at clubs, offices or any other platforms)
      •      Podium sessions, mike session & anchoring
      •      Fluency exercises
      •      Audio & Video Sessions
      •      Picture description

After this communication skill/ public speaking course you will be able to:

  • Learn and use effective strategies to learn communication naturally.
  • Learn to be a fearless communicator and have impressive public speeches.
  • Learn to overcome the barriers and problems faced in becoming an effective communicator.
  • Learn to have everlasting first impressions to have an influence on the audience.
  • Learn how to make the best use of nonverbal communication for good communication.
  • Learn to train your brain to think in English fast and be a fluent communicator.
  • Learn to grow your network with effective communication techniques.
  • Learn to bring the English language and communication in habit.
  • Learn to make sure people listen to what you say.


Contents of communication skill/ public speaking course:

The Fearless Communicator Blueprint program is a 400-hour program that can be done by anyone who wishes to communicate fearlessly.

The contents which are covered in the course are as follows:

  1. Who is a fearless communicator?
  2. What are the skills and mindset needed to be a good communicator?
  3. What is the process and prerequisites of communication?
  4. What are the problems and barriers faced in becoming an effective communicator?
  5. The techniques to make sure people listen to what you say.
  6. How to make effective communication a habit?
  7. How to bring communication naturally to you.
  8. How to get rid of the fear of communication.
  9. How to make an effective communication process enjoyable and easy?
  10. How to make use of nonverbal communication for good communication?
  11. 3 secrets for becoming a fearless communicator.
  12. 6 steps to become a fearless communicator.
  13. How to train your brain to think in English.
  14. How to have an everlasting first impression? 
  15. How to grow a network with the help of communication? 
  16. How to become a good public speaker?
  17. In the bonuses you will also learn:
  •      The English language
  •      The basic English Grammar
  •      Formal writing techniques
  •      Letter writing, Email writing, Notices writing, etc.


Who should do this course:

The public speaking/ communication skill course is for anyone who wishes to communicate effectively, develop their self-confidence and become fluent speakers even in front of a large audience by using the right technique.


So, it is designed for…

  • Anyone interested in career enhancement.
  • Anyone working on the designation where communication skill is mandatory.
  • Anyone who wants to lead a team like managers, team leaders, and business people.
  • Anyone who is willing to start his/her career.


With this you will get:

  1. Free VIP Community membership (worth Rs 1999 /-)
  2. 24 hours online support for a year
  3. 4 Mind Maps
  4. 56 Videos
  5. 40 Activities
  6. FREE 90-day checklist.
  7. 4 Free Courses
    •      Free Body Language Blueprint Course
    •      Free Writing Blueprint Course
    •      Free English Grammar Blueprint Course
    •      Free Public speaking Course


What is the outcome: 

  • You will become a confident and natural communicator.
  • You will be able to give public speeches fluently.
  • You will gain growth in professional life because of communication.
  • You will be able to handle conflict.
  • You will be able to communicate information, ideas in an influential manner.


About the trainer: Anju Jindal

  • Turned from a non-communicative person into a speaker and a soft skill trainer.
  • Trained more than 10,000 students, professionals.
  • An entrepreneur of two successful organizations.
  • Career Growth Specialist and founder of Career Growth Academy.
  • On the mission to help thousands of people to accelerate their career growth with the help of career hack and communication skills.

Fearless Communicator Blueprint helps people become fearless communicator and speak fluently with the help of the most powerful system.