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Interview Skill Blueprint

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Interview Skill Training

Landing the perfect job can be a challenge and struggle, but with determination and passion, you can easily overcome this challenge. Our Interview skill training course can possibly help you in getting your dream job.

Just a little preparation and thought ahead of time can have fabulous effects on your interviewing skills. This 100-hour intensive interview preparation course will go over the issues and provide an in-depth analysis of the interviewing process. 

This course is for job seekers and working professional who wants to reach a higher potential and crack interviews. In this course, you will learn about resume-building skills to make resumes that can enhance your ability to get better job opportunities. You will also get to know how to handle interviews with simple tricks and get the job and remunerations as per your choice.


Interview Skill Training module:

    1. Common Interview Questions
    2. What Employers Want
    3. Mindset, Attitude, and Effort
    4. S.W.O.T Analysis
    5. Types of resumes and interviews
    6. Drafting documents like CV, Resumes, Cover letter, etc.
    7. How to be more employable
    8. Body Language
    9. Research
    10. Dress to impress formally
    11. Personal etiquettes
    12. Dos and don’ts of the interview
    13. Expected interview questions and answers
    14. The Mock Interview
    15. Phone Interviews
    16. Video interviews
    17. Behavioral Interviews
    18. Closing the Interview
    19. Thank You Notes
    20. Cracking interviews successfully


After this interview preparation course you will be able to:

  1. Learn and use effective strategies to clear interviews.
  2. How to better formulate your responses to the interviewer.
  3. Use body language and first impressions to clear interview.
  4. Learn how to make the best use of words.
  5. How to apply established tactics to get positive results.
  6. Answer interview questions confidently using the most effective strategies.
  7. Use of effective body language.
  8. Finish the interview in a way to increase your chances of success.

Contents of Interview Preparation course:

·      What is an interview?

·      Why is the interview process required?

·      What are the skills and mindset needed for clearing interviews?

·      How to be more employable?

·      What are the various rounds of the interview? 

·      What are the phases of the interview?

o   Preparation phase

o   Pre-interview phase

o   During the interview phase

o   After the interview phase

·      What are the documents needed for the interview?

·      What is a resume or CV?

·      How to draft a resume and a CV?

·      What are the various interview questions?

·      How to answer interview questions?

·      How to dress for the interview?

·      How to overcome the invisible barrier which comes in the way of your selection.

·      How to make sure you are selected.

·      How to network for better reachability to employers.

Who should do this course:

The interview skill training is for anyone who wishes to clear the interviews in very few attempts and wants to know all about interview handling. In this interview preparation course you will know everything about the interview process, handling interview questions and documents required to clear interview.

So, it is designed for…

1.) Anyone interested to know about interview handling.

2.) Anyone who does not know how to clear interviews and is fearful of the interview.

3.) Anyone who wants to know the career rounds and phases.

4.) Anyone who is willing to start his/her career.


With this you will get:

1.) Free VIP Community membership (worth Rs 1999 /-)

2.) 24 hours online support for a year

3.) 4 Mind maps

4.) 20 Videos

5.) 1 Free Course

            1.) Free Email Writing course

                      1.) Drafting professional e-mails

                      2.) Drafting professional Cover letters


What is the outcome: 

  • You will know how to get yourself prepared for the interview.
  • You will be able to clear the interviews in a few attempts.
  • You will get rid of the fear of the interview.
  • You will know the networking techniques with the employers. 

About the trainer: Anju Jindal

  • Turned from a non-communicative person into a speaker and a soft skill trainer.
  • Trained more than 10,000 students, professionals.
  • An entrepreneur of two successful organizations.
  • Career Growth Specialist and founder of Career Growth Academy.
  • On the mission to help thousands of people to accelerate their career growth with the help of career hack and communication skills.

Interview Hack Blueprint course helps aspiring students to learn how to prepare themselves to clear interviews and learn the whole process of Interview in 4 steps. Interview process may look difficult, but with this course you will learn the full process of interview handling.