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I’m the Trainer, Entrepreneur, Career Growth Specialist, Mom and Wife

About me, I would like to tell you that my best decision was about being a
trainer. Over the years interacting with thousands of people I am able to
position myself as an expert and grabbed opportunities making my entrepreneurial journey successful. This site shares all the strategies,
methods, tools, and most important habits that have helped me and several
others to grab opportunities, get on growing career paths and also improve
the quality of our life, and I’m sure will help you too. I am your Career
Growth Specialist and also the founder of the Career Growth Academy. Here, I am here to
help students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out
to their goals with the help of Career Growth Blueprint. I truly appreciate
that you’re amongst the 5 % of people who are willing to take action. You are
the most valuable asset to me because you are spending your time fulfilling
your purpose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About me, I am Anju Jindal aka Anjs, & I have more than 17 years of experience in Soft skills training through which I have trained more than 10000 students who are able to grow confidently in their careers.  

Now, I am on the mission to help thousands of people to achieve their goals by adopting my trainings.

I am Career Growth Specialist & also the founder of the Career Growth Academy. Here, I help students, working professionals, women, & Job seekers to achieve their goals with the help of the communication skills & career hack.

I share about strategies, methods, tools, & habits that helped me & several others to grab opportunities, get on growing career paths & also improve the quality of our life.

The spoken English training is of 1 month to 6 month depending on the need as per your knowledge base.

At Anju Jindal, We have courses related to communication & career growth.

The courses are as follows:

  1. English Speaking Training
  2. Public Speaking course
  3. Communication Skills Training
  4. Interview Skills training
  5. Resume Building Training
  6. Time Management Training
  7. Goal Setting Training
  8. Writing Skill Training
  9. Confidence Building Training
  10. Fearless communication Training
  11. Personality development Sales
  12. Customer Handling & Negotiation training

Call or Whats app us on 7011289372

The training is provided on online and offline mode both  individually or in groups.

Yes, I do offer corporate training on English speaking, Communication skills, PDP, Email Writing, Presentation skills, Time management. Goal setting and much more. I can even customise the sessions as per the need.

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As an accomplished Soft Skills and Career Development Trainer, I bring over 17+ years of invaluable experience from my training and entrepreneurial journey. I also empower individuals to unlock their true potential and excel professionally. With a passion for teaching and mentoring, I have successfully trained and guided over 10,000 students and also professionals, transforming their lives and careers for the better.

Furthermore, my approach to training revolves around fostering a culture of industry exposure and learning through hands-on activities. By immersing learners in practical scenarios, they also gain real-world skills and the confidence to tackle challenges head-on. Moreover, I firmly believe that learning is not limited to classrooms; it’s a continuous journey enriched by diverse experiences.

One of my core strengths lies in building overall unshakable self-esteem in individuals. Day by day, I instil belief in each student that they can conquer any obstacles they encounter. The confidence they gain from my training translates into tangible career growth and as a result they get success.


I take pride in offering innovative methods to cultivate English language proficiency as a habit rather than a struggle. Through engaging exercises and interactive sessions, learners naturally further embrace English as a seamless part of their daily lives.

My dedication to my students extends beyond the training period, as I also provide lifetime community support to stay connected and encourage mutual growth. Additionally, learners benefit from exclusive access to a vast video library and insightful blogs, offering a treasure trove of additional content to expand their knowledge continually.

Moreover, I focus on group and one-to-one learning for learners, where everyone receives individual attention. Anju Jindal also courses offer students the opportunity to advance quickly and effectively, saving them time and money.