Social media series is a series in which I have shared 7 tips on a weekly basis, which can help anyone to manage social media. These tips will help the candidate in order to know what all is needed to plan social media calendar & manage social media. It will also tell how you can do it by yourself.

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Check the tips:

Select your social media platform wisely

Social media is certainly one of the most important things today for sustenance, presence, networking, imparting knowledge, or for any other reason.

The importance of the same is rising day by day and with this pandemic going around there is a strong importance.

This also makes the importance of selecting the social media wisely.



profile description can make or break you, your business, and also your image.

A few things one needs to take care of:

1 – Synchronized profile and cover picture – Every platform has an option of profile picture and also cover picture. Make sure it is the same all over the platforms that can describe you.

Also need to take care that the pixels, look, and feel of the picture are good.

2 – One needs to fill and check other details like name, location, Contact numbers, Email-id, Website, basic description or BIO, type of business, and also other links properly. Moreover, make sure that it is real.

You can also add additional links like your blog link or other resources in case you want to inform about that.

3 – What and how frequently you post is also an important factor in terms in order to have an impact. Further, we need to post consistency the content. Also take care of the post frequency.

Be discoverable

Have your individual strategy and plan beforehand ready. Additionally. check out what you want to post and how frequently you want to post. 

The next important thing here is to use the right keyword at right places. It will also help enhancing your searchability for your viewers.

Connect and observe the people or influencers. They can collaborate to have synergy. 

Review your analytics

You do not require this point if you are individual, but if you are having a social media profile of the organization then you should analyze your analytics.

Try to engage with the various connect by using various multimedia options, GIFs, stories. For eg. – You can additionally put your point through on a topic that relates to what points should be covered in a resume. Further, the people can respond to the question by their viewpoint.

Engage with the network

Tips to have better engagement with the network.

  • Post at regular interval with consistency

When to post and what frequency is the first question that is on our mind. Further, frequency can be set by you as per your choice but it should be consistent in what you post. The more the frequency is better it is.

  • Design your content based on solutions to the people in the network.

Talk about the topic and not just the brand. We also need to post content which can cater as solutions, make people aware about the topicshold discussions where you can help people find out solutions to their own problems.

  • Hold question Answer sessions

Just posting will not yield results. Moreover, post questions to which the people in the network can answer.

  • Reply to the comments and share the post

We should also share, like and comment on post as per the interest.

  • Make the post true and individual

The content certainly what you are posting should be engaging if it is true and different. So try to post content which can tell about you.


Review your timeline

Timeline is what is posted on your social media platforms by you or by others at any particular point of time.

What you post

What other’s posts on your timeline

Posts in which you are tagged 

Photos in which you are tagged.

It is also very important to know what all is posted on your timeline as people in your network define you on the basis of all that.

Moreover, have appropriate privacy settings of what you would want people to see on your time line, Where they can tag you and you can also add review notification for any tagging in case you want to review where you are tagged.

If your timeline review is turned on, then the post will only appear on your timeline when you #approve the posts. This is for your friends only and if someone is not on your friend list and then also you are tagged, in that case you will be prompted for the review even if have not turned on your time line review.


Have a Social media calendar

A social media calendar is one which works like a rule book for the business as far as social media.
It will also help you get rid of the last minute hustle of thinking what to post.
The benefits of social media calendar are:
  1. It saves a lot of time by being organized
  2. It helps in maintaining the consistency as it helps you post regularly without fail.
  3. It reduces the chances of making mistakes as when we plan and make our posts beforehand which allows us to create the content with patience. Thus, helping us reduce errors.
  4. You are able to focus on social strategic planning rather than just posting as your focus is on how to get more benefits with strategies.
  5. It helps us to be up to  date with the important and worldwide global moments like international, language day and design your post accordingly.
  6. It helps in making high level content in one post as social media calendar helps in dividing the task between the team members.
  7. It helps in tracking what works, what do not because what gets scheduled is done and
  8. What gets measured is improved.

Few tools which can be used for making an effective social media scheduler  are:

Google sheets – These are easy to use, inbuilt feature of google.
Trello – It is simple, free, friendly-looking social media tool.
Hootsuite planner – It is simple, easy tool.

Make a social media calendar

If you want to have a social media calendar, then it can be simply made using a notepad or an excel sheet. If the structure of social media posting is more than you need to have a complex social media calendar. Here are 4 social media marketing tips for betterment of your social media performance.
Step1: Know the audience of your social media
Step2: Think about your content 
The content should be informative, entertaining and should be able to generate trust in the network. The format may look like this or you can use an app like Trelo or Hootsuite which is automated.
Social media marketing tips
This format is segregated yet consolidated in one place.

Step3: Schedule and automate

The next step which is really again important is using the social media marketing scheduler by scheduling the post as per the timeline and automating the process so that nothing is missed. 

Step4: Track your performance

Now, it is time to know what is your performance so, sit down and check out how you can improve.
Almost all channels provide you insight of your posts.
When you are tracking keep in mind too:
Track Engagement – To know what topics and type of content does your audience likes.
Reach – To know the posts which allow you to reach maximum people. 


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