Refund Policy

Refund policy at Anju Jindal. 

Anju Jindal is committed to providing each customer with exceptional service.

We want you to feel comfortable about transacting business with us. Due to the nature of our business. Also, the accessibility of our products immediately upon purchase. There is a generous 7 days full refund policy, which begins on the date of purchase.

If you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchase from us, you may contact within 7 days of the purchase.

The conditions for a refund are the following:
  • Firstly, the mail for a refund should come within 7 days.
  • Secondly, the mail should be sent to
  • Thirdly, The subject of the mail should have the Admission number, Course, and Admission date.
  • Lastly, the student should not have attended more than 1 session.
The courses on which the refund policy is applicable are the following:
  • Public speaking course (Online)
  • English Speaking Course – L1 (Online)
  • Interview Skill Course (Online)
  • Social Media Training (Online)
 For other courses the policy is not applicable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I am Anju Jindal aka Anjs, & I have more than 17 years of experience in Soft skills training through which I have trained more than 10000 students who are able to grow confidently in their careers.  

Now, I am on the mission to help thousands of people to achieve their goals by adopting my trainings.

I am Career Growth Specialist & founder of the Career Growth Academy. At Anju Jindal, I help students, working professionals, women, & Job seekers to achieve their goals with the help of the communication skills & career hack.

I share strategies, methods, tools, & habits that helped me & several others to grab opportunities, get on growing career paths & also improve the quality of our life.

The spoken English training is of 1 month to 6 month depending on the need as per your knowledge base.

At Anju Jindal, We have courses related to communication & career growth.

The courses are as follows:

  1. English Speaking Training
  2. Public Speaking course
  3. Communication Skills Training
  4. Interview Skills training
  5. Resume Building Training
  6. Time Management Training
  7. Goal Setting Training
  8. Writing Skill Training
  9. Confidence Building Training
  10. Fearless communication Training
  11. Personality development Sales
  12. Customer Handling & Negotiation training
  13. Corporate Training

Call or Whats app us on 7011289372

The training is provided on online and offline mode both  individually or in groups.

Yes, I do offer corporate training on English speaking, Communication skills, PDP, Email Writing, Presentation skills, Time management. Goal setting and much more. I can even customize the sessions as per the need.