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My vision 2022

My vision -2022

2021 has ended!

A new year, new beginning, new hope is just on its way, that is 2022.

It has been an exciting We are just about to end 2020 and start with 2021. So, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy and awesome new year.

May this coming year bring a lot of opportunities, hope, good health, happiness, harmony to all.

The last two years have been, years of learning, realizations, new hope, determination atleast for me.

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frequently asked questions

FAQ 3 – How To Add LinkedIn URL To Resume?

Many job seekers these days, often ask me “How to add LinkedIN URL to Resume”.
This question has become more prominent now when the things are online rather than offline.

We all know by now that our social media profile is playing a very important role as far as our life is concerned. So is the case with our career, Job searches.

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