2021 is just around the corner and it is 2020, December. We all are rejoicing the accomplishments and achievements of the year. We all should align goals with resolution.

We all are also planning for new resolutions and what we not to do next year. The problem is we just make resolutions follow them for some time and then we just stop them as we do not see ourselves moving further.


What do we need to do?

We need to know the difference between resolutions and goals.

Resolution is something which you make for a shorter period of time and that is something which you decide to solve a problem.

Like – I resolve to loose weight.

I resolve to read more books.

A goal is something that is more specific and results in some specific result. It can modify or evolve with time.

Like- I want to loose 10 kgs.

I want to be a millionaire.

 We need to plan our goals for next year and align them with our resolutions so that we can see them and actually see how we are moving in the achievement of the goals.

So, we need to do is plan how to spend next year and what goals to achieve.


Check the video which tells how to start in the direction:

  • The first thing here is we need to have the correct mindset. The mindset needed to be better at goal planning are as follows:

100% commitment

Commitment defines your success or failure so if you have to be good at goal setting and achieving you need to have 100 % commitment. If you have the commitment you can plan your goals and you also set the action plan for achieving them.


0 Comfort zone

To achieve growth and success you need to have goals. To have goals, you need to get out of your comfort zone and take action. If you think you be in your comfort and do not learn new skills, then neither goal planning and achieving are possible nor success is possible.



Being persistent and consistent at your action is equally important for growth. When you have consistency in your actions and what you say it helps you to gain the trust of people and that is the most important thing for growth.

  • The next thing is to have specific goals

Goals need to be specific as to when goals are specific, it can result in a good performance and better results. Vague goals are never going to get the best of results. For being specific we need to define the goals in terms of the precise result which we want to achieve.

  • Have measurable goals

Define the evidence which will prove you are making progress and reevaluate when necessary which are basically specific numbers. If this is unavailable then you will not able to track your progress. We need to have performance and result evaluation both.

  • Have actionable goals

The goal must be achievable and actionable. This will help you to find out ways you can vision things clearly and work towards it. Initial 10 % of the action plan should be fully defined so that we are clear about the actions to be taken. Rest actions should be defined broadly so that if some changes are supposed to happen then we can make the changes.

  • Have time bound goals

The goal should be set within a realistic timeline or end date and the tasks should be accordingly prioritized. The focus will be more on the important tasks and urgency won’t occur.


So, these are the few initial things that need to be done to achieve your goals.


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