Career Development Course

Career Hack Blueprint

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Career Development Course

To have a job and earning an income can help anyone break the cycle of poverty, but every job needs training and that makes it hard to find and keep a career that is accelerating. The career development course provides support, training, and career development for fresher and professionals who want to overcome these barriers. In this course, you will learn the simple steps to unwind the perfect accelerating career path for you by understanding and articulating one’s strengths, ideas, and visions in regard to future goals.

With, career development course you will learn how to manage your career, from your first job search to move up in your career to switch careers. You can get the skills you need to grow your network, make goals, know what you exactly want and what are your life goals. This course gives you the opportunity to evaluate and plan your employment future co-relating to their skills, demand in the market, and what you love doing. This will also enable you to expand your job-related skills and knowledge. No one is supposed to leave their dream career to chance.


Career development course module:

  • Career growth assessment
  • Self-motivation
  • Explore modern career options
  • Finding life purpose
  • Finding perfect career option
  • PMPV Formula
  • Achieving success with happiness
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Dealing with change
  • Mindset development
  • Skill set for accelerating career
  • Building professional network
  • Learning skills for day-to-day
  • Vision board for career roadmap
  • Secrets for accelerating career
  • Practical tips to get yourself known
  • Life and career goals
  • Prioritizing Goals
  • Aligning life purpose with goals
  • SMART Goals and Goal setting
  • Understanding value proposition

After this Career development course you will be able to:

  • Learn to know the purpose of your life and explore your career vision clearly.
  • Learn to explore a roadmap, vision board for your career path.
  • Learn to develop strategies to get an accelerating career and growth in your professional life.
  • Learn to evaluate the impact of your strategy and iterate accordingly.
  • Learn to know you’re your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Learn to know and develop skills you need day-to-day.
  • Learn to identify key individuals, organizations, and platforms for your network.
  • Learn to develop communications to engage key leads.
  • Learn to grow your network with effective communication techniques.
  • Learn to plan your life goals strategically.
  • Learn to envision a future where they’re embraced and honed and create an action plan.

Contents of Career Development course:

Career Hack Blueprint program is a 40-hour program that can be done by anyone. The contents which are covered in the course are as follows:

  • Why do we need to hack careers?
  • What are the mindset and skills needed to choose the career option which can help them grow?
  • How can we get the mindset and skills?
  • What are the 3 secrets for career advancement?
  • How to set the career acceleration path.
  • What all things to have an accelerating career in life?
  • How to find the purpose of your life through the PMPV formula?
  • How to do your SWOT analysis?
  • How to match your purpose and your skills?
  • How to plan your goals with the SMART technique?
  • How to overcome the invisible barrier which comes in the way of growth.
  • In the bonuses you will also learn:
  • How to plan and achieve goals?
  • How to plan and manage time?
  • How to manage your social media calendar?
  • What is the anti-procrastination technique?


Who should do this course:

The career development course is for anyone who wishes to have an accelerating career, develop their self-confidence. Achieve a career of your choice which is also what you like doing by using the right technique.

So, it is designed for…

  1. Anyone who is willing to start his/her career.
  2. Anyone who is stuck midway in the career and wants to move up in the career.
  3. Anyone who wants to lead a team like managers, team leaders, and business people.
  4. Anyone who is looking for a career change
  5. Anyone who wants to identify the most fulfilling career for them and is interested in career enhancement.
  6. Anyone who feels unsatisfied in their current role
  7. Anyone who wants to find their life purpose
  8. Anyone who dread going to work in the morning
  9. Anyone who wants to get their dream job!


With this you will get:

  • Free VIP Community membership (worth Rs 1999 /-)
  • 24 hours online support for a year
  • 4 Mind maps
  • 30 Videos
  • 4 Free Courses
  • Goal Setting Blueprint course
  • Free Time management Blueprint Course
  • Free Social Media Blueprint Course
  • Free Anti Procrastinating Blueprint Course
  • Free self-assessment.


What is the outcome: 

  • You will know the purpose of your life.
  • You will know you’re your Skills, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • You will be able to get an accelerating career.
  • You will gain growth in your professional life.
  • You will be able to plan your life goals strategically.


About the trainer: Anju Jindal

Turned from a non-communicative person into a speaker and a soft skill trainer.

Trained more than 10,000 students, professionals.

An entrepreneur of two successful organizations.

Career Growth Specialist and founder of Career Growth Academy.

On the mission to help thousands of people to accelerate their career growth with the help of career hack and communication skills.

Career Hack Program Blueprint helps students and professionals to learn how to hack the correct option which can help them accelerate their growth. This is done with the help of a powerful system.