Fearless communicator series is a series in which I have shared 10 tips on a weekly basis in order to help anyone to learn communication. These tips will help the candidate in order to know what we need to learn communication. It will also tell how you can do it by yourself.

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Check the following tips:

Learn the language naturally

We can learn this if we master the 4 skills needed to communicate naturally as compared to our educating system of learning any language and communication skills. The skills which we need to master naturally are 

ListeningSpeaking, ReadingWriting

We make the kid observe and listen to what we are saying which needs to be till the time he is not fully recognizing the object. Once the recognition is there the kid starts speaking with us. We need to follow the same process.



Keep your conversations short and simple, but do not keep it  long  or lengthy

Give complete information – We should give complete information so that no important information is missed out.

Give correct information – We should give authentic data to avoid any miscommunication

Innovate the information presented – Information should be presented in an innovative manner for better engagement as innovative and interesting things hold people’s interest.

Practice For 30 Minutes Daily

As we already know that mostly we are in situations where we need to speak and so this is the skill which we need to master the most. This skill is the best skill that can make you a fearless communicator.

PRACTICE as much as possible by doing it regularly to develop a habit. We can practice 30 minutes daily for best results. The main point is you need to speak as much as you can and whenever you can.

Remember “Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life. ” You can also do this by copying me and recording the same videos and sending it in my community so that your fear of strangers also vanish. 

How is more important than what is said

What you say is important, but how you say is more important means words are important when we are communicating. But what is more important is non-verbal conversation done by us during the whole conversation.

This non-verbal conversation includes many things, but there are few things which are really essential. It is very important to pay attention to body language while communicating during your conversation the listener should get four elements in the conversation.

Remember “Body language is more honest than your words.”

Be Energetic

It is always said that your energy is transferred to the person around you. If you are high on energy and reflect positivity the environment around you will also be positive and good. If you are lethargic, not in a good mood, feeling negative then that is only going to be reflected in your body language.

Positive energy, adequate tone, the right pitch, enthusiasm is the correct attributes you should portray.


When we talk or communicate, we do it with the help of words so, our choice of words while communicating should be really appropriate.

We can grow our vocabulary by various methods, but the best way to do so is to learn a minimum of 1 new word each day. One way can be to use any dictionary and learn one work each day. But the better way is to make your own dictionary and write every day the words you have learned.

Talk One Topic A Day

Choose one topic every day.

Plan your content by jotting down all the points which come to your mind once you note it down, organize and streamline the points in the order in which you have to present the topic.

Follow the PIPEC method to create content on the topic

P means PURPOSE – The first point should always specify the purpose of your content and mention who should pay attention to the point you are sharing.

I mean IMPORTANCE –Then, you need to focus on sharing the importance of the topic for the listeners. This will make them interested in the topic.

P means Preview – After that, you can share all the relevant things which should be discussed as far as the topic is concerned.

E means EXAMPLE – Cite a few examples so that listeners can correlate with what you are saying and if the example is from day-to-day life.


C means CONCLUDE – Last you should conclude your topic by reiterating what are the important things to be considered by the listeners.


Listen To Get Listened

Listen actively to the audience so that you can communicate effectively. If you listen well then you can understand your audience well and you can communicate well.

It is the ability to listen accurately and interpret the message appropriately. It is the main important skill for anyone to effectively communicate else the messages may be misunderstood.

Here, what we need to understand is that listening is not the same as hearing. Hearing is when any sound enters our ears irrespective of it providing any meaning or not.

Confidence Is The Key To Reach People

That one thing is the most discussed thing and that is confidence. If you are able to speak something confidently the people will not only listen to you but will also follow you. If you want to know what needs to be done to maintain confidence.

The problem arises when we just open our mouth about anything which we are not aware of and people are hardly listening to you.

            Have complete and proper Knowledge

          Practice as much as possible

          Be on time

           Just be yourself


P3 Formula – Learn Communication

The formula which needs to be followed is:

PRACTICE for 30 minutes daily regularly to develop a habit. When we practice 30 minutes daily we bring it naturally to us and give better results.

 PLAY to have fun as enjoying what we do is very important and the element of fun can be added by inventing games like doing commentary, dumb charades in English.

PERFORM to review and develop by putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations to know how much we have learned. This can be done by participating in various activities like Debates, Competitions, Presentations to get better at it.


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