How to learn English at home?

Is learning English easy?

Can English be learned at home?


You might think that it’s difficult to practice speaking English at home. You may be worried that nobody will be around to correct you when you make mistakes. How can you improve if You do not know your mistakes?

All the above worries are correct with many more other botherations.

You may not know where to start.

But, you need to understand that learning English doesn’t only mean reading from a textbook. There are various other resources to help you.

If you have the right attitude and resources then you can study English from home that too with fluency.


Let us just check out my video on “How To Learn English At Home?” which can help you all:

Read English books

Books are one of the best sources to have the knowledge and it is also one of the best ways to improve your language. The best part is the books can be on the topic of your interest and your choice.

Choose any book, ranging from a humorous book, motivational books, mythological books, novels, or any other book in English.


Play Video Games in English

Video games are the most loved and addicting thing and so they are not considered to be good. But, do you know they can be of great help to you as far as learning a language is concerned. Yes, these are most engaging.

So, when you play games that are in English where you have to either roleplay a character or do the commentary of the video then you will be practicing English in the most fun way.

What else is needed. Do not worry about the vocabulary you will get used to it when you will be using it more and more. This is one of the most fun ways of learning English.


Watching TV or YouTube videos

Who does not like watching TV?

All of us right! So, this is one of the best means to learn English at home. The visual things are easy to remember and are also processed in the best way in our mind.

The only condition is to watch the programs which can actually help you to get you better vocabulary, phrases, and accents. Start with something of your interest. Also, make sure to choose the programs from native speakers so that you can understand.


YouTube is another great medium to learn English choose the channel of your interest and start watching that. It will impact more as you are watching things as per your interest and as per your own convenience.

You can also check this link to know all about communications – click on the link.


Listen to Radio or Podcast

This is one of the effective ways to learn the language just like Watching TV and these all are easy to access as they are anytime available and at any place. You can best utilize your time that you waste like traveling time or waiting time to listen to the radio and learn the language. 

The only thing to consider here is to choose the program from the native speakerA podcast is a new tool for this era. Podcasts are private channels made by people based on the interest of the people.

Just like the radio, you can listen to them and the best part is you can choose the topic of your interest, and you can also choose the time as per your convenience. Check this link for a podcast on communication skills.


Keep a Blog or diary in English

This is yet another one of the best ways to improve your English skills. It can help you to be better at creativity and at the same time, it can help you to relax. It needs to be done on a regular basis as it will help you have better grammar skills, and your command of the language will also improve.

The best part is you can write anything like a disappointing rainy vacation or the exciting baseball game you watched on TV—it’s just up to you!

Though you can do it as often as you want if it is done on a regular basis it will give better results. It will also help you to get satisfaction and plan your goals properly.

You can also add one more thing to it that you can show your diary or blog to a native speaker and ask them to correct it for you if you want to get perfect at it with time. This also builds up your confidence and command over language will highly be improved. Check this community of daily write ups – click here.


Host an Event in English

If you have an event then this can be the best time to practice learning English. Just host the event and you are good to can learn English in the most fun way. It will also help you to get rid of your fear and nervousness.


Attend online English classes

Learning in the comfort of our home with all the benefits without actually going anywhere is the best advantage of learning from home. All these online classes also give their own material and books to study. These offer the best knowledge with fewer fees than traditional classrooms. The main thing needed is the best internet connection to join these classes.


The few places to learn English and communication online are or These places offer classes, course material, and support system, with the course for better development.


Study English grammar and vocab online

There are many online websites that can be of help. The best part is they are free. These online sites can be of great help for advice from experts in case you are fresher as they are made in a beautiful way with detailed sections on speaking, vocabulary, and grammar explaining the meaning and the usage.

It also has multiple choice exercises and puzzles to help in practicing grammar, reading, and vocabulary.

Talk to yourself

This is one of the best ways to learn any language and this does not mean in any way that you are crazy. This is one thing that helps you to become confident and be familiar with things and situations.


If there is a presentation, big event, Interview, or any other situation where you need to speak in English and present yourself. The best way is to practice as much as possible and here the practice means which brings confidence in you.

You can do the practice by rehearsing it in front of a mirror or by video recording. It will boost your confidence and at the same time, it will also help you to work on the mistakes which you did in the practice.

Compare the pronunciation, and the way of speaking with the native speaker’s on YouTube or TV.


So, you can see what you can do at home and learn English. It is just a matter of choosing a few of the above-mentioned alternatives and following them rigorously.

You are good to go, as now you know great ways to learn English in the comfort of your home. Have a great time doing so.

Comment below which are the top 4 ways you will choose from the above-listed methods to learn English at home.

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