How To Handle Spelling Mistakes

The fact is we all do one thing while writing in English. It is spelling mistakes. It is common and bound to happen. In this blog we need to know how to handle spelling mistakes. This is necessary to know to boast

How to avoid common spelling mistakes

How to avoid common spelling mistakes

The spelling mistake can ruin the whole document but, they are common when anyone writes. We can avoid common spelling mistakes. One thing we need to remember that English language is born from various other languages. This makes exception to every spelling.

How to form plural of nouns

When we write in English one thing which are commonly used are plural nouns. But How to form plural of nouns is one problem which many people face while writing. In this blog, we will understand all the rules and methods to


writing skills

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FAQ 2- Why do we stuck when we speak?

writing skills

Are you sometimes stuck with what to say?

You have to say something but the word is at the backside of the mind but not coming from your mouth?

FAQ 4 – How To Enhance Writing Skills?

How To Enhance Writing Skills?

This is a series in which I try to pick up frequently asked questions by you all and answer them. The question which I am going to pick today is “how one can enhance writing skills”. It is one of the questions

Social media – Tips for betterment TIP 6

Have a Social media calendar   Do you get panic attacks when you need to think of content to be posted? Do you have to put lot of time in planning what to post, when to post? Probably, the reason is you

FAQ 3 – How To Add LinkedIn URL To Resume?

How To Enhance Writing Skills?

Many job seekers these days often ask me “How to add LinkedIN URL to Resume ?” This question has become more prominent now when the things have become online from offline. We all know by now that our social media profile is 


How To Enhance Writing Skills?

FAQ 1- How to GET RID OF HESITATION? FAQ 1 – HOW TO GET RID OF HESITATION?   This is one question which is asked to me numerous times and almost all of us face this at one or the other point.

Top Books to Read in 2021

books to read in 2021

Books have been the greatest friend of mine always and so was the case with 2020. I just thought to share with you all my favorite books of 2020. Reading, by all means, is the best thing I can do to learn,