Interview Skills Training Benefits

Benefits of Interview skill training

There is no denying that interview skills training is essential in today’s time. Preparing and knowing the benefits of Interview skill training is very important. To have the ability to answer complex questions in various situations but still stay calm under pressure is the most valuable skill.

How to make yourself more employable


One question which most job seekers ask is how to make yourself more employable. A degree is always beneficial when it comes to the job, but if you need to prove yourself in this challenging scenario, you must be in the employer’s good book.

How to stay motivated after you lost the job

How to stay motivated after you lost the job

What will happen when suddenly one day a person gets to know, that he does not have a job?

This is a situation that many of the working professionals have faced recently, due to the pandemic. One fine day, they get to know that company has sacked him out of his job that too without any prior notice.

Questions to ask the interviewer in Interview

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The interview is a process for getting a good job by giving good answers. In an interview, it is also really very important to ask good questions at the end of the interview with the employer.

What is mock Interview || Practice for Interview

What is mock interview

If you want to be confident during a real interview with employees, you need to prepare yourself for interview skills with a mock interview. You need to get accustomed to the interview process and gain more confidence. The first question that arises here is what is the mock interview.

How to find a job after graduation

How to find a Job after graduation

One question which agitates us during our graduation is how to find a job after graduation. Though, If the right things are done and at the right time then, this will not be a big problem.

In this blog, I will share the tips, tactics, and methods to follow in order to find a job after graduation.

How to prepare for a job interview

Tips to prepare for an Interview

If you want to be successful in a job interview, you need to prepare for the interview. The preparation for an interview involves many things from researching the company to handling interview questions. In this article, we will have a look at tips to prepare for a job interview.

CV VS Cover Letter

difference between CVs and Cover letter

Is CV a Cover letter?
A cover letter is a brief of the profile, whereas a CV is a detailed and long document. A CV is a document that includes detailed information about your work experience and academic background. A Cover letter is a brief document that explains why you want to apply for the given job.

Resume vs Curriculum Vitae

Resume Vs Curriculum Vitae

An employer may be looking for something really very specific or may choose someone who they like. But, one thing which really can break or make things is your resume or CV. So, let us just understand Resume Vs Curriculum Vitae.


How to find an internship

Gone are the times when education itself from a good college was enough. You need to have an on job training, internship to get yourself qualified for a job in a good company. So, students if you want to know the tips to find an internship, check the blog.