Tips to find an internship

Gone are the times when education itself from a good college was enough. You need to have an on job training, internship to get yourself qualified for a job in a good company. So, students if you want to know the tips to find an internship, check the blog.

find an internship


Why Internship is important?

Due to the increasing number of students going to colleges, the demand for jobs are increasing. So, are the number of jobs, but, the problem is the quality of education is not up to the mark. The education system is preparing students for theoretical knowledge, but practical knowledge is missing. This makes the placability of the candidates difficult.

Here, comes internships as a rescue. If a candidate has completed his/her education with internship, then your profile is given preference compared to other candidates. Here are some tips given below to find an internship.

find an internship

Tips to find an internship are as follows:

1. Start your search early

This is the first thing which you should take care and is also the biggest mistake the candidates make. They start searching for an internship very late or when the actual deadline comes. You need to be aware of the fact that you need to start early, as many of them have early deadlines. As far as general scenario is concerned in India companies hire the interns by max November.

It will help you to have good connections with alumni and professionals across the industry for better future prospects. You can coordinate regarding same with your college’s career officer for more assistance. They will help in targeting the right prospective internships.

2. Identify your broad career interests

Before you even start with the searching of internship, you need to identify your career interests. It is always better to have experience in one career field, but if you are not sure then you can choose to have internship in various fields. 

Think about what you want to do, what you enjoy doing and how you can transform your interest in a career. If still you are not sure then, these internships can help you to get exposed to many options and you can choose the best option.


3. Consider your qualifications

When you are looking forward for some internship, it is important to know what are your qualifications. How much qualified you are for the internship. Check out the skills you have, experience and academic degree you have.

If you check out all this in an appropriate manner, then you will be able to select the right internship option. Even when the opportunity is small, you should start with an internship, which is based on your qualifications and skills, it should also match your interest.

4. Prepare your application material

Now when you have thought about the right career option which matches with your qualification. You need to prepare the appropriate application material for the internship options. The application material consists of a lot of things which are as follows:

Resume – Resume is the document which has all the details about you in summarized manner. The document consists of information like your qualification, skills, experience if any.

You can check out the blog for for making the resume and checking out the templates.

find an internship

Cover letter – Cover letter is the letter which is accompanied with your internship resume. It is a letter which tells the employer how you are a suitable candidate for the job vacancy available. This document should be made in proper format and taking care of all the things.

Academic proofs

Passport size photographs

Certificates of appreciation

Social media profiles also need to be updated as per all the above application material.


5. Network

If you need to know about good internship options, you need to have a strong network. You already have your family members, friends, faculty, college advisors and career counselors whom you can contact to know about the internship options. You can get to know through social media and various websites like for your help.

One other best option would be being in touch with the alumni from your college, who would be working at various designations in different corporate. They can provide you useful and valuable information about internship options and the selection procedure for the internships.

6.Check online resources to find an internship

In today’s time when people want to save time and efforts, online is the right thing to use for internship also. Make sure you are present online at various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. This will give you access to many great opportunities of interning with various organizations.

There are specific groups and pages which have got ample of internship options. If you are present at the right place, then you can get the right internship for you without much of an effort.

Also, subscribe to various websites like which will enable you to get right employers and opportunities.

7. Attend career fairs

One more and direct contacting method for getting an opportunity of internship is attending career fairs. Various college campuses organize career fairs in which many companies come to conduct interviews for many positions. Here, you will not get opportunities as per your choice but also you get a chance to meet different people and create your network.

8.Contact employers

When you are looking for an internship, you can also contact employers. You can simply visit the employers in your geographical location and meet them. Do not forget to carry your 60 second introduction video along with you. You can send them to the employers and it will help you to get the right kind of opportunities for you.

9.Gain experience as a new graduate

This is the last tip to find an internship. As many candidates do not give that much importance to the internship interview. It leads to not getting the internship option or getting wrong internship. You need to give the interview just like you will give interviews for a job. 
So, as you prepared well for the interview do prepare for interview questions all. Know the basic information of the company you go for an internship interview. Follow the tips mentioned in the blog for giving interviews.

find an internship

About the Author: Anju Jindal

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