Resume Vs Curriculum Vitae

Resume vs Curriculum Vitae

Resume Vs Curriculum Vitae

Resume Vs Curriculum Vitae – We all know that applying for the job can be stressful as lot of the things are not dependent on us. An employer may be looking for something really very specific or may choose someone who they like. But, one thing which really can break or make things is your resume or CV. So, let us just understand Resume Vs Curriculum Vitae.

We can only focus on what is in our hands so, let us check the blog as it will help in taking better decisions on how to proceed to the interview.

Both are used for highlighting your profile for the job interview, but there are major 4 key differences between a resume and curriculum vitae.

Resume Vs Curriculum Vitae

Differences between Resume Vs Curriculum Vitae

Difference 1 – Length of a resume

The first difference between resume and CV is the length of the document. In general, a resume is of one page, whereas the CV stretches above 2 to 3 pages.

Difference 2 – Purpose

The second difference in resume and CV is the purpose of the document.
A resume is a document which highlights educational and professional accomplishments. This document is generally used by fresher candidates when they go for the job interview.
A CV is a comprehensive document consisting of your academic and professional history. This document may consist data pertaining to any presentations you gave, your publication details or any other achievements of yours. The experienced candidates generally use this document when they apply for any job.

Difference 3 – Organization

The third difference in resume and CV is the organization of the document.
The format and organization of the resume can vary depending on the position you apply for. Also, the organization can depend on what you want to highlight in your resume.
The format and organization of the CV are always organized and in reverse chronological order. The sections of the CV can change, but will be comprehensive as per the position you apply.

Difference 4 – Who needs it

The last difference in resume and CV is who needs the which document.
The resume is in general used by fresher candidates applying for the job positions like K- 12 teachers, call center jobs, Account executive or in domestic companies.
The CV is in general used by experienced candidates who are looking forward to apply to MNC companies, higher designations like an account manager, sales manager. The people who are looking forward to apply abroad can also use CV.

Resume Vs Curriculum VitaeThere are many cases when we choose CV over a resume

If you apply for a job position in the US, you will be required to give resume.

Samples of resumes

If you apply for a job position in following parts of the world, you will be required to give a CV.

  • The United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • India ( Also accepts resume for freshers)
  • South Africa
  • Various Other European Countries

For academic positions you may be asked for CV all around the world.

A few tips to follow while a resume

  1. Use a simple design with basic colors.
  2. Keep it short and sweet.
  3. Double check grammar and spelling mistakes.
  4. Include your accomplishments.
  5. Showcase your skills.

A few tips to follow while a CV

  • Find an example of the CV for your field to take help from.
  • Use simple and clear design.
  • Keep it updated.
  • Use professional format
  • Highlight your experience.
  • Highlight the skills you have developed with examples.

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