How to communicate when you do not know English

You do not know English and wonder how to communicate when you do not know English? Keep reading and you will get an answer to this.

Ever since, I started training and coaching people on communication I have heard this question over and over again. If English is not known, then how to communicate and make your place.

Let me tell you, we all can communicate if we have difficulty in one language and that language can be any. The first thing is to keep trying and practicing the language to learn it. This can be used by everyone if you are travelling to the place where the language is different.

The things to follow are as follows:

How to communicate when you do not know English

  1. Speak slowly

This is something which does not need to be said, but it is really important. Many a times, once the greeting is done, the conversation is done in the fast forward way. This really needs to be taken care of as the understanding of the content will not be up to the mark.

Make sure you understand how much the person can understand and speak according to the pace. The slowly conveyed message will be understood better and also in the same manner which you want the person to understand.


How to communicate when you do not know English2. Do not shout

This is yet another problem that while giving a public speech suddenly speakers start shouting. This may not be done intentionally, but the words are spoken louder than the required tone. We need to control our tone as it looks unimpressive and may also be disrespecting to the people present.

3. Do not repeat the same word again and again

In order to explain few words or phrases we tend to repeat the same again and again. Repeating the words will hardly make any difference, rather it will just make the speech uninteresting. You may say the same word or phrase 100 times, but if I do not know the word, I will not get it.

You rather need to use some innovative or another method to make the word or phrase understood.


How to communicate when you do not know English4. Use simple words and simple sentences

Impressing people is important, but doing it with your expansive vocabulary might do it opposite. So, it is always better to use simple words as it will help you to reach a wider audience. It will also enable people understand things well.

You also need to make sure to use simple, meaningful and small sentences for better understanding of the people.


5.Learn one word at a time

Yes, it is true that you would want to learn lot of new words. But, in the beginning try not to get into learning lot of words at one time. Rather stick to learn one word at a time. It will bring confidence and in you regarding the usage of that word. You will also not forget that word.

6.Point out the exception

A smile is one thing which can make or break things.

Once you are done with preparation, practice and relaxation exercise one thing is left, that is smiling and present. Make sure to smile when you enter the room where the audience is waiting for the presentation.

Smile whenever you can throughout the presentation. This will make you feel relaxed, confident and contended. 


7. Do not criticize slow learning

I know you would want to learn the new things fast but even if you are slow that is ok. Do not criticize the slow learning process. The time of learning should not be concern, rather what you learn should be important to you.

8.Do not answer in the uncomfortable language

If you are not comfortable in a language, do not answer in that language. This is one thing which annoys the listener a lot when one person does not know the language still answers in that language. I understand you want to practice but there would be other times when you can practice.


9.Use subtle mime 

While doing public speaking, it is a good option to use some mimes like while talking about something and showing that during conversation. Overusing of mime is not good as it can be cause of distraction. It may also be possible that it will lead the conversation in different direction.


10. Write it down

Reading is comparatively easier than hearing. So, is the case while doing public speaking. If you wish to do public speaking, then write it down, so that you can read the major points. Writing the public speech will help you to remember the content and speak confidently.

11. Use apps 

One other tip is, use apps for practicing.

Like to get better at public speaking, practice public speaking with the help of apps. You can use grammar online dictionary for learning new words. You can use video recording apps for practicing public speaking and getting confident at it.


Take English language and public speaking classes

The last tips for getting good at public speaking even if you do not know English. Anyone will need a system to learn something new and so is the case with English language and public speaking. You need to know how to do and what to learn. Training will help you to learn in a systematic manner.

Somebody should be there to tell you what is right and what is wrong. Who else can do this better than a coach? 

This will ultimately help you get better at English language and public speaking. If you know the language you will conquer fear of English and public speaking.

If you wish to learn public speaking skills and English language, join my fearless communicator blueprint program.

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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