How to do effective workplace communication?

How to do effective workplace communication?

Do you know workplace communication is one of the major concerns of most of the organizations. In this blog, let me share everything related to effective workplace communication. Why and how to do effective workplace communication?

Maintaining a healthy and positive environment at workplace is certainly really important. It has been observed that most of the work at organization suffers because of nonclarity in the communication between superiors and subordinates. The work also becomes really difficult.

effective workplace communication

What is workplace communication?

Workplace communication is one of the best features of a high-performing organization culture. When we exchange information and ideas in the workplace, it is called workplace communication. In the workplace the message that is sent should be accurately understood by the receiver. Moreover, this helps organization to reach their goals.

Importance of communication in the workplace?

The communication is very important in the workplace. It helps

  • To avoid confusion.
  • Setting goals.
  • In building positive and healthy environment in the workplace.
  • Reducing miscommunication.
  • Creating responsibility and accountability.
  • Appropriate collaboration amongst coworkers.
  • Productive workforce.
  • Solving conflicts easily.
  • Job satisfaction in employees.


Communication Skills needed in the workplace

When an employer is looking to hire new candidates, then there are a few skills employer look forward to. These skills are as follows:

effective workplace communication
  • Oral communication
  • Written communication
  • Listening
  • Public speaking
  • Adaptability

Steps for effective workplace communication

1. Quality content

The first and the foremost thing is whenever you communicate, communicate the quality content. In order to have clear communication, it is very important that the information is accurate. The content is very important whether you communicate verbally or in writing.

Providing accurate content will certainly reduce the possibility of miscommunication or confusion. You also need to plan your content so that the right information is given in the right quantity.

2. Modern methods

effective workplace communication

Once you are using quality content, the next point to take care is using the right method for workplace communication. While communicating be sure that the method used by you is well known by you. You can also use modern methods for your communication like presentations, visual aids etc.

If you are sending some proposal to a client, then you should know the right method to write a mail. If it is a face to face communication, you should have control over your non-verbal skills also with verbal skills.

By all means face-to-face communication or visual communication is much better, than written communication. As it helps you to send the message more clearly with the help of non verbal positive signs.

3. Combine verbal and non-verbal communication

effective workplace communication

While you communicate combine your non-verbal communication with verbal communication. Make sure both are in agreement while you are communicating. Try to use positive and polite gestures to make your workplace communication effective.

4. Active listening

Active listening is one more important tip, which needs to be followed. Generally, we human beings have a tendency to speak, but we do not want to listen. Active listening can help you to understand others before you want others to understand you.

5. Ask questions if not clear

If you are not clear about some point, it is better to ask questions. Ask questions not only clear doubts, but also shows you are listening what the speaker is saying. The questions can also help you gather additional information which otherwise might be missed. While asking question make sure that you ask questions related to the concerned conversation only.

6. Handle conflicts in the workplace

If there is some misunderstanding in the workplace, make sure to get it clear it as soon as possible. This will help in getting things exaggerated and convert into resentment or low productivity. You need to handle it in the right way to avoid a major crisis. While doing so, make sure you have an open mind without any personal attacks. It will help you to get a solution in a right manner.

7. Refrain from gossip

One simple rule which should be followed sincerely is refrain yourself from workplace gossips or politics. If somebody tells you something, just listen and smile but do not react back. Gossiping can give a wrong impression of yourself on your coworkers and your superiors. If you refrain from gossiping, it will help you maintain healthy relationships at workplace.

8. Be professional

You need to be professional at your workplace as far as your conduction is concerned. You should aim at being friendly, but at the same time you also need to be professional. If you are personal at the workplace, you might become less credible. You need to be in control as far as your emotions are concerned.

9. Avoid controversy

You should try to be neutral at the workplace. Refrain from discussing politics or any other controversial topics to offend someone. It is really important to have a conversation with your coworkers for a healthy relationship. But, controversial topics will do no good.

10. Take and offer positive feedback

At your workspace, make sure that you provide and take feedback, positively in a healthy way. If any of your coworker does something good, you should appreciate him. If you want to offer some feedback it should be done in encouraging and open way. This will help you to maintain good relationship with your coworkers. Your coworkers will love to discuss things with you.


11. Take communication skills classes

The last tips for effective workplace communication will impact positively. Anyone need a system to learn anything and so is the case with communication skills. You need to know what to do and how to do. Training will help you to do it in a systematic manner.
Someone should be there to tell you what is right and what is wrong. Who else can do this better than a coach?

This will ultimately impact you communicate in the workplace and empower you to become a better workplace communicator.

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About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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