How to Achieve Career Growth - 3 STEPS

How to Achieve Career Growth – 3 STEPS

How to achieve career growth –  in 3 simple Steps

Who does not want to have all the good things in life like-

  • A good LifeStyle 
  • Wealth 
  • Personality 
  • Reputation 
  • Relationship 
  • Satisfaction 
  • Respect 
  • Credibility 
  • At the end a good life…

All of us Right! So, How can we get it?

This blog has an answer to all your queries like the one mentioned above or the questions like

  • Is it really possible to have all this for one person at a time?
  • Is Career growth directly linked to all the above-mentioned things?
  • Can we achieve steady growth in a career? How?
  • What is career growth?


  • What do you love doing? The answer to this question can be something which you can do for hours but will not get bored. It can be painting, writing, also teaching, etc.
  • What you are good at? The answer to this question can be anything that brings you appreciation from people if they see your work. It can be cooking, communication, also dancing, etc.
  • What you can be paid for? The answer to this question can be you will be paid for the work if you do the task. It is something for which you take professional training, got certifications, or acquired knowledge. It can be computer knowledge, also selling, etc.
  • And the most important in these are our fourth question which is What the world needs? The answer to this question can be something which is in a lot of demand today and is also going to be there for the next 10 years. Like training, hospitality, etc.
How to achieve career growth


  • The first quadrant is strengths (S) and contains all positive traits which you have for your career, including professional skills, certifications, experience gained, or also any of your own positive habits. E.g. computer skills, also convincing skills, etc. You also need to be known in order to let you be also motivated and grateful by looking at it. The longer the list is, the better it is.
  • The second quadrant is weaknesses (W) consisting of all the things you need to improve on by working them regularly. The items like low communication, professionally unskilled, low confidence, low self-esteem, or also negative habits for e.g.  non-punctual is part of this quadrant. Here, the important point is once you know your weaknesses, especially lack of professional or communication skills You should also not wait and get training for the same.
  • The third quadrant is opportunities (O) consisting of items that can help you to grow in the future and have a positive impact on your growth. Advancement in industry, new technology, the future trend is also part of this quadrant. We need update about the industry of which moreover we are part. We can be proactive and also planning things ahead to utilize their full potential is the key.

3 Steps to achieve steady career growth are


This Step is the most important step and will need a lot of time as it is your full analysis to understand the purpose of your life. It will ultimately align your capabilities with your passion and the demands of the world. In this formula

P stands for PASSION

M stands for MISSION

P stands for PROFESSION

V stands for VOCATION


First, you need to find out answers to the following 4 questions:

In, all the above questions there can be multiple items. Once you find out all the answers you need to put them in the diagram below:

So, what do we need to look at the diagram?

We need to look at the middle portion where all four circles intersect and the common portion in all four circles is actually the most important. As it defines the purpose of your life or you can say the career which you should follow as here you will be delighted, satisfied, comfortable and you can create wealth also. You have your career, which can let you grow.

STEP 2 – SWOT Analysis

Now, you know about your career so you need to check out your abilities in order to grow in that career for which you need to analysis all the details with the help of SWOT analysis. Here you will divide the things into 4 quadrants

Now, you are able to match the career you choose with your abilities and also develop a plan with step no 3.

Remember “To engage yourself in training to be best at what you want to do and being life long learner“.


It is about having your goals SMART which you can define as

You are now in a position to know which career is suitable for you and which one to choose, You are also aware of your abilities which you have and the ones you need to acquire through training or practice. You have to plan your SMART goals also so, do not wait to follow the 3 steps and fuel yourself. Start working for a growing career from now.


  • The last quadrant is for threats (T) consisting of items that we cannot control, but we need to be aware of these so that we can develop a method and prepare ourselves for coping contingencies. It could be due to competition, change in a government rule, or also some natural calamity.
  • S-Specific which means that your goals need to be direct, detailed, and meaningful like real numbers with real deadlines. For e.g. If you say you want to be successful, it is not a goal wherein if you say you want to double your business by March, 2021 then it is a specific goal.
  • M-Measurable which means that your goal should be quantifiable so that the progress or also success can be tracked. As in the case of above e.g. The number which is doubling the business is very much trackable whereas being successful is not.
  • A-Achievable which means that your goal should be challenging, but there should be a possibility to achieve it. You should have the tools and resources to achieve the goal. For e.g. If you want to double your business, you should have adequate machinery, or manpower to achieve your target.
  • R-Relevant which means it should be sensible enough as per the industry. You should know what you and your team are capable of. For e.g. If you are part of the website designing industry your team should have designers.
  • T-Time Lined which means there should be specific deadlines to get the task accomplished.

Also check my video on How to Achieve Career Growth:

To answer the above questions, a 3 simple step procedure can be followed. If these steps are sincerely followed by someone you will not only have career growth, You will also know yourself better by knowing your purpose in life. You can achieve that by doing what you always wanted to do.

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