How to deal with the uncertainty? – 7 Tips

How to deal with the uncertainty? – 7 Tips


Every one of us has heard once in a lifetime:-

Uncertainty is the way of life!

Change is the only constant thing that exists in the world!

This lockdown is just another example of the same which proves the quote correct. This is the most important problem everyone is facing today, but why does uncertainty arise?


It arises due to fears in us like

What will happen?

When it is going to end?

What will be the after effects of it?

Will things come back on track?


Here are the 7 tips if you follow will not only help you to get rid of these uncertainty but, will also help you to achieve more in this time of uncertainty.


The tips are following:-



Yes, This is the first tip. You need to stop worrying about this uncertainty. You believe it or not, but the main cause of trouble is because we think about it. This is not what I am saying. But science can prove that if you think about one thing constantly it will come more to your thought.

If you think about goodness, goodness will be coming back to you. Also, If you think about fears you will get more fearful. So, Just stop thinking about it as once you stop worrying, your mind is free from infectious thoughts. You can invest in better things. This is what you need at this point in time. It will bring more peace to your mind which will result in effectiveness in whatever you do.


This is tip number 2. Take some time out for yourself and think about your current position in your career or business. Moreover, this is very important that we need to access. Just take an example, if a passenger is going on a journey on a train, bus, or metro what does he keep doing.

He keeps on checking about two things. Firstly, where is he currently in the journey. Secondly, he checks how much of the journey is left to reach the destination. Now, why does he do so?


He does so because he needs to be aware of these two things in order to analyze how his journey is till now. Also, how can he utilize his balance time which he will need to reach the destination. If the bus, train, or metro is taking too much time he might change the mode of transportation. He can also take another bus, train, or metro.


The same is the case with us. Time to time we should look at where we are in our career. What else one should do so that our journey in career is smooth and reach the destination in a specific time period.

If one needs some additional knowledge to boost career growth, we should check those out. If the career plan needs restructuring then we should sit and do that. In general, you do not get time. But a crisis like corona gives you ample opportunity to invest your time in your self-assessment. You should take advantage of and put your focus and time in assessing your current position.


PLAN AND LEARN – Now, when you know your current position. Where you are currently. The next thing you should focus on is making a plan for yourself. what all one needs to learn and in how much time to fill the gaps.

For example, A businessman can plan what he can do or learn in order to make the business progress. He can plan to add a new product line, new vertical to the business. He can learn new skills which can benefit him in his business. One can learn the skills like accounting, Marketing, Communication, Digital knowledge as these complement to any business and will surely help the business to grow.


A person who is in service can add skills like certifications. It can add value to his resume, new skills. For example a software engineer can learn a new language. An accountant can learn advanced skills like SAP, MIS.

He can polish his skills like communication skills, computer skills. He can also work on his negative habits like procrastination, pessimism because these are surely going to help him in the future.


LOOK FOR GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES – When you are planning for the skills to be learned just make sure that you research enough about what will be the growth opportunities after learning the skill. Just don’t engage yourself in any activity to kill time as in the end you will get frustrated and it will be of no use also to you.

That is why first assess your current position. What skills you need to learn then only start learning. The first tip is really very important in all the tips as if that is correctly done then rest tips will yield results. To make sure that your effort, time, and money is not wasted you need to do it with a lot of understanding.


ADD SKILLS TO YOUR RESUME OR PROFILE – Once the plan is made and growth opportunities are also researched invest your time, effort, and money in learning the new skills you have planned to learn. This will help you to have a schedule which will make you more efficient and productive.

Make a schedule and follow that schedule to get the best outcome. While learning your mind will be also be developing to get rid of negativity and as nothing else is there to be done you can learn with full focus. The main point here to consider is it is your life and you need to look out for options which make you better from yesterday.


DECLUTTER YOURSELF – This is something which is very important to be applied in your life and not just because of uncertainty but in our daily life. Decluttering is removing unwanted things and organizing the needed things in a manner so that they are easy to be referred to.


We should declutter the following things:

  • Declutter your SPACE – The space here is your home, Almirah, office, drawers anything. Our space is so filled up that we hardly find things when we search and seeing that clutter also affects our mind negatively. Decluttering and organizing is important.
  • Declutter your MIND – The mind needs to be decluttered from the negative feelings, negative thoughts, negative fears because this impacts our performance in daily life. We are not able to focus properly on the work because of these negative feelings. To make our mind focus and work efficiently. We need to get rid of these which can happen by decluttering our mind. We can do so by meditation, affirmations, etc.
  • Declutter your GADGETS – This is what I started doing recently and trust me it is very effective to increase the performance of your gadgets like Mobiles, Laptops, etc. We have so much data in our gadgets in the form of photographs, videos, documents that may be stored by us, or are forwarded through WhatsApp or any other application by our friends.

This slows down the performance of the gadget and also makes it difficult to find the relevant data in need. So, when we clear the gadgets the performance is increased and the time is also saved which we spend in searching. 


PRACTICE POSITIVE TRAITS – This is the time which has given us so much of learning and a few of the things which we have learned and are really important are:


Self-control – In this time each one of us has shown so much control that nobody of us has ever imagined, but this we did because of lock down and limitations. We should practice in day to day life to be more grounded and it will help us to understand needs rather than fulfilling demands.


Gratitude – This is something which we forget to do in day to day basis. We are not thankful to people for small things people do for us. But, this time of fears has taught many of us, this also. We have been thankful to the people around us. We need to be thankful to God for this life, to the people to work for us.


Affirmations – This is very important as this is about speaking positively every time as when we speak positively. We start believing in that and once we believe in something that thing is supposed to happen for sure. You can do so by making a journal and writing it in the same journal.


When we do follow all the tips mentioned above, what will happen. The result is going to be the following:


MORE POSITIVISM – This will make you positively as the mind is focusing on the positive aspects of life and the environment around you will also be positive. We generally look for it outside, but this is inside us and we are responsible for positivism around us.


MORE SKILLS – As we are spending time in learning and adding the skills we will have more skills in our resume or profile and that is ultimately going to affect our growth positively.


MORE POWER – All of the above is at the end resulting in more power to our personality and we are becoming more positive, more focused.


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