Steps to do effective workplace communication

Steps to improve workplace communication

Improve workplace communication – Communication is the most important process in an organization. Whether the medium of communication is verbal, written the way we communicate is very important. It will help you a better, effective and efficient employee. So, what are the steps to improve workplace communication. As per me there are 4 steps in the communication process, let is see them one by one.

5 Easy ways to Improve Workplace Communication

improve workplace communication

Step 1 – Plan your content

The first step of workplace communication is very important. It is planning the content. The strategy to communicate should be planned keeping in mind the employees. Define the strategy to communicate clearly. Discuss the plan with your team or workforce so that all the coworkers at one page.

Once the strategy is defined, then it should be religiously followed by everyone.

While planning the content, do know for whom are you planning the content. Do check who is the audience, what are their demographics, what kind of vocabulary to use, what will be the tone and time limit of the content.


improve workplace communication

Step 2- Outline the content

Now when you have decided the overall strategy of workplace communication. The next step is to detail the full content of the workplace communication in order to have proper content.

Remember not to beat around the bush and everything is planned in detail. The details like which information is to be accessed by whom, at what time and through which channel.

Someone should be in charge of defining the whole content outline.

While planning the content make sure that the content is short and simple. It will help you to reach lots of people and make your point clear to others also.

Making an outline will be highly beneficial to the organization.

improve workplace communication

Step 3- Select communication channel

The content is ready now in detail, so what next?

The next thing is to select the right communication channel. The channel will be different in different situations and will also depend on the audience. Choosing the right channel will help you to distribute the information in the right manner and reach the right people.

Here, matching the message with channel of communication is very necessary. Also, if needed more than one channel of communication should be used in order to reach a wider audience. It will also help coworkers to get the content from another channel, if one channel is not working.

Broadcast the message at maximum channels, so that it can reach to maximum people.

There are various channels of communication which are as follows:

Social media


Text messages

Chat apps



Bulletin board

And many other

Step 4 – Execute the content

Now it is time to execute the content. This is the step where we need to very careful as this is the time or it will never come.

While executing the content, you need to make sure that you listen actively to what your coworker or audience is saying. It will help you to understand them well and you will be able to respond back well. If you do not understand something you can either ask questions or repeat back to confirm what is said.

You need to use your nonverbal skills with verbal skills to make your communication effective. While communicating you should use gestures, tone and words which shows respect and positive approach towards your coworkers.

Remember, this is the time which matters more. So, give your 100% at that time.

improve workplace communication

Step 5 – Take feedback

The last step to improve workplace communication is really important to know what you did right and what you did wrong. How can you improve yourself better?

So, make sure before, after and during the conversation you take feedback and use it positively to improve yourself. You can ask questions to get the feedback or, take the opinions of your coworkers and superiors. It will lead to better understanding and willingness to embrace the changes.

No matter, what process of communication you choose, what channel you choose, but make sure that everyone participates in the communication process. This will help in developing healthy and positive environment in the organization. The people will also feel valued and give their 100% to the organization. You will also get some excellent ideas to work upon.

If you wish to learn the full process join the fearless communicator program.

About the Author: Anju Jindal

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