How to find a Job after graduation

How to find a job after graduation

find a job after graduation – One question which agitates us during our graduation is how to find a job after graduation. Though, If the right things are done and at the right time then, this will not be a big problem. 

How to find a job after graduation

In this blog, I will share the tips, tactics, and methods to follow in order to find a job after graduation. 

Check out the actions to be taken to get a job after graduation that is also of your choice and the one that can give you an accelerating career.


Tips to follow to find a job after graduation:


Check your college career center:

The modern colleges and the system have a placement cell or a career office that can help you to get to the first step towards your career aspirations. This is one of the best resources that can be used for free.  Just opt for career counseling, if you do not know your career path.

Meet the career advisor and discuss your aspirations with your career path. The advisor can help you to build your resume, prepare you for interviews and help you in the job search.

The college placement cell holds many recruiter visits, job fairs, and sponsors an alumni networking program. These all can be helpful to get a job.

If you want to know how to choose a growing career, check the link.


find a job after graduation

Start networking:

Networking helps us to tap the hidden market. Most of the organizations look for candidates in the network and never advertise the vacancy. Networking is the best way to find the job that exists and reach them. You can have a network in various ways like social media, LinkedIn, or meeting alumni.

Reach out the contacts, meet professional people, or go to professional groups. You will get the information and can prepare your resume to meet the requirements.

If you wish to be a part of one of such networking groups, then click on the link.


Complete your social media profile:

When you have a network in place, have a social media profile ready. LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., are a few of the social media networks that can help you have a great network. It will help you increase your reach and visibility.

There are a few other ways websites that can of help like etc.

Check how to enhance your social media profile.  

Have a personal website: 

Having a personal website provides you with space to express yourself with your own branding. This is one of the best ways that impresses hiring managers and a best marketing method.

You can showcase your knowledge by writing blogs on your personal website. You can buy a domain and link to tools like Wix, WordPress, etc. When we talk about job hunting, we need to stand out and this personal website helps to gain an edge over the rest of the people.

Join a professional group:

A group that is a professional group which helps you to build connections, gain knowledge and showcase experience. In this group you can have meetups, can share and gain knowledge with experts in your field. This will give you an opportunity to learn and connect with industry experts.

Tailor your resume and cover letter:

Make a resume that is targeted to specific jobs. There cannot be a single resume that can be used to apply for many positions and can be used to showcase the skills, experiences and work. This will make many versions of your resume, so be careful while sending the resume for the prospective job option.

How to make a resume?

How to make a CV?

Do check the sample formats by clicking on the link.

Sample resume formats

find a job after graduation


Take up an internship or part time job:

An internship is an opportunity that you can take up to gain knowledge and increase your experience. Like jobs, internship do not need any experience and there are less criteria as compared to a job. 

The internship does not pay much, but give you relevant industry exposure and this is what you should also expect from an internship. This can be a good way to add up value to your resume.

You can check out the article on how to find an internship

Look for companies you would want to work

As per your specialization in career, you need to find companies as per your niche. Depending on the requirements, you can start looking forward to dream company. Look for companies and check out their career section to know the vacancies for the fresher.

You can also check out with the alumni working in those companies and take advice from them to apply for the job and crack the interview. 

Take some time out regularly for job search:

One of the ways to find a job is to keep a time out from your daily schedule to do the job hunting. This will enable you be focused on the job of your choice.

Be updated about the industry news:

If you want to get your dream job, be informed and updated about the updates, news, developments and changes of the your professional field. This can be done in many ways like by reading professional publications and journals, joining social media groups, following social media feeds of the companies or industry.


Be ready for the interview:

You should be prepared for the interview, as if you get shortlisted for the interview, you are ready. You will be confident if you are ready with the answers to all the common interview questions that can be asked.


You can spend time volunteering activities to contribute to the community. This can be one thing which can help you gain experience, knowledge and meet new people including potential employers. This can help you get a job later.

Take up some courses:

You can take up some courses that can help you massively. The courses can help you learn new skills and add value to your resume. Take up courses related to your own field, as that will help you fill-up the gaps, if there are.

All the above steps can be really helpful in finding the job of your choice after graduation. These steps will also make you ready for job hunting.


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