Tips to prepare for an Interview

How to prepare for a job interview

Prepare for a job interview – If you want to be successful in a job interview, you need to prepare for the interview. The preparation for an interview involves many things from researching the company to handling interview questions. In this article, we will have a look at tips to prepare for a job interview.

prepare for a job interview

The tips are to handle the various phases of the interview like the preparation phase, pre-interview phase, etc. These actionable tips will help you improve your chances of success in the interview.<>

These tips will help you ace your next interview and land you to your dream job that you were always seeking.

To prepare for a job interview we have divided the tips into various phases:

Phase 1: Pre-interview phase


Analyzing the job description

how to prepare for job interview?

It is very important, yet often missed a tip. Every candidate, who is looking forward to giving interviews should read and analyze the job description. You will be able to understand the job requirements, type of candidate needed. Be careful while reviewing the keywords and key phrases used in the job description.

If your skills are aligned with the qualification and job description, you stand better chances to impress the interviewer. You can prepare yourself for the interview based on the job description.

Assess your skills

Even before you go for the interview, assess your qualifications and experience. Ask yourself, why should you be for the job and why you should be hired. Align your skills, qualification, and experience with the job. Also, know what value you can add to the company. How you are the best candidate for the job position.

prepare for a job interview


Analyze the industry and company

When you go for the interview, you should perceive the company’s position and the industry. You also know the competitive advantage of the company and the competitors.

It is always recommended to give interviews of one industry at a time and give interviews for limited companies.

You can secure the information from various sources like websites, social media pages, employee reviews, or any other sources. Also, know the mission, management, work culture, offerings, and types of clients the company caters to. prepare for a job interview


Have a list of interview questions ready

Have a list of the common interview questions ready for the position and industry you are likely to give interviews. Prepare the true and impressive responses to the questions. Also, make sure that your answers highlight your skills and interest in regard to the job.

Check the common interview questions asked in an interview.

Practice with mock interviews 

Prepare yourself by practicing with the help of mock interviews. It is natural to be anxious and be overwhelmed with the thought of the interview. But, you can get it reduced by preparing.

Mock interviews are a real interview-like environment and they help you boost your confidence. This interview can be conducted by your family or friend. You can also do it in a professional environment. You can contact me in my community for the same.

Record the mock interview and analyze the performance. In this way, you can improve your performance and reduce your anxiousness. You can practice the same in front of the mirror.

Get your documents ready

There can be two ways of applying for the interview. You may apply for the interview online or face-to-face. For both types of interviews, you need to keep your documents ready.

To give an interview, for an offline interview, the documents should be in hard copy. For an online interview, the documents should be in the digital copy on your drive or at any other place. There are many documents like CV, Resume, Academic proofs, Certificates, Id proof, etc.

If you want to know how to make a resume and a CV. Check the links-

How to make a CV?

How to make a resume?

Make sure the documents are well prepared and ready in both forms.

Keep your social media profile ready

Prepare your social media profiles appropriately. The social media profiles at various places like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other places. Nowadays, many interviewers, check social media as it will give them an idea of your personality and background.

You can check your name on Google to know what results are shown. If there is something unpleasant, make sure you are able to answer that to the interviewer.

Look for travel arrangements

Make yourself aware of the location, commuting method, and time required to travel to the venue of the interview. If you are using Google Maps to know the time, make sure you are keeping buffer time as traffic conditions may differ at different times.

Make sure to have the contact details of HR, in order to ask for help in the case of need.


Keep your interview dress ready

As you are going for the interview, make sure to choose a formal dress that you will wear for the interview. Have clean clothes that are wrinkle-free. If you plan to wear accessories, deodorant, or perfume, Keep them minimal and mild.

Phase 2: During the interview phase

Reach the location on time

You need to reach the venue at least 15 minutes before the schedule. This will help you get relaxed and be familiar with the environment of the venue. It will also help you relax if the venue is far-off and you get tired during the journey.

You can have water and freshen up, which will help you to reduce your anxiety and be mentally prepared for the interview.


Be polite, assertive, positive

It is very important, that you stay calm and composed during the interview. Nowadays, many companies use CCTV footage to analyze the candidate’s personality. Be patient maintain a straight posture in the waiting area. Most important, be polite when you meet anybody at the venue like the receptionist, security guard, etc.


Maintain appropriate body language

Body language conveys it all, so have confident and positive body language at the venue of the interview. There are a lot of things to take care of, but a few things to take care of are a positive smile, firm eye contact, Straight and open body posture. Greet the people you meet at the venue of the interview.


Be prepared with thoughtful questions to be asked by you to the interviewer

When the interview is about to end, the interviewer may give you the opportunity to ask questions. Make sure to have a mental note of what to ask the interviewer. You may ask if you have doubts regarding the job opening or you may simply ask when can you join.


Score in first five minutes

It is a proven fact that interviewers make up their minds about the candidate’s selection in the first five minutes of the interview. Spend the rest of the time to make the decision confirmed.

What to do in the first five minutes?

Start expressing your pleasure, enthusiasm, and energy as it will help the interviewer remember you amongst many candidates. You can say something like, “I have been really looking forward to the meeting” or “I think the company is doing great work in the field”.

Close on a positive note.

When you are about to close the interview, try to close the interview on a positive note. This can be done in various ways like you can tell the interviewer that you really like the job. You can also tell that you would love to work in this position in the company. 

Phase 3: After the interview phase

Send thank-you notes

Once the interview is over, you can send a thank-you note after the interview. You can send a message, email, or paper note for the same. You can write to them, “I was excited about hearing from you what you said about the joining”.

 This note should be sent within 48 hours.



Analyze the performance

When your interview is over, you need to take a few minutes to analyze your performance and what could have been done better. Ask yourself, if you forgot to mention something or you could have answered better. This will help you to improve your interview skills in the long run.

Update your references

When you are back from the interview, you should inform your references, so that they are not caught off guard, if they get a call from HR. Call up the references and tell them about the company and the position you have applied for.

Make sure that you keep your references aware of the qualities that you are recommended for.

Follow up with the HR

If you do not receive the call from HR within the expected time, then make sure to follow up with the HR department about the outcome of the interview.

You can do this via phone or email. Make sure to mention your name, position you applied for, interview date, same of the interviewer, and other relevant details in order to know from the interviewer.

There are many more tips, but the above-mentioned tips are of utmost importance.

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