components of cover letter

Components Of Cover Letter

Components of cover letter – The cover letter is the first thing which an employer gets from you. Let us just understand what are the components of a cover letter. The first components of cover letter is information about the job position you are applying for.

Also, mention why you should be considered for this position. Remember, you are not repeating the contents which are part of the resume. Additionally, you can highlight the points which can be helpful in your selection of the job.

components of cover letter

Components of cover letter are as follows:

1.Information about you

The first and the foremost information which should be part of your cover letter is information about you. It should be in block style, in the top left portion of the paper.

  • Name
  • Current Address
  • Telephone Number


You need to include date as it will be entered in the letter.

3.Contact person’s name, Title, Employer, and Address

Next comes contact person’s name which will help you to get your letter and resume to appropriate hiring managers quickly. It will help to have an effective personal touch. If name is not mentioned, then call the company and ask for the concerned person’s name.

Make sure you mention the correct title and employer details.

components of cover letter


Then comes salutation which is the way to address a person should be correct in the cover letter.

For example-

Dear Mr. Rahul (if a man’s name is the contact)

Dear Ms. Jindal (if a woman’s name is the contact)

Dear Prospective Employer (if there is no contact name)

5.Body Of The Cover Letter

The body of the content should be divided into three parts:

Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph is the paragraph which should give information about how you got to know about the position. The various ways you can get to know about job position are personal references, Newspaper advertisement, or referral.

Middle Paragraph

This is the paragraph which is the middle paragraph. It should talk about how you are qualified for the job position. It should talk about your achievements, skills and background which makes you enable for the position.

Second Middle Paragraph

This paragraph should talk about your soft skills and interpersonal skills which are additional in you apart from other skills.

Closing Paragraph

This is the last paragraph which should talk about your availability for the job. It should also talk about where you can be contacted, when are you available for an appointment with the hiring manager.

Lastly, do not forget to thank the employer for his time and consideration of your application.

components of cover letter

6.Few considerations while writing a cover letter

  • First, write the content in organized and logical order.
  • Second, use white paper and print on one side only without any shadowing.
  • Follow the standard format of the cover page.
  • Keep the margins 1 and a half.
  • Check that the cover letter is of one page.
  • Use simple and easy to read font style (Times, Courier or Arial).
  • Try to keep sentences and paragraphs short.
  • Then, make sure that same paper is used for resume and cover letter.
  • Also, follow the instructions given in the job description.
  • Check the content for spelling and grammar errors.
  • If possible, get the content proof read again.
  • Make sure there are no errors in the cover letter.
  • Sign the cover letter.
  • Keep a copy of the cover letter and resume for the records.
  • Every word count, so put proper punctuations like comma, full stop etc.
  • Lastly, follow up with the employer by making a phone call, approximately 3 to 4 days after the response date given by the employer.
  • Throughout writing the content, keep the employer’s need in focus.
  • Mention how your skills match the job description.

Make sure you includes all the components of cover letter, while applying for the job next time.

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