How to make yourself more employable

Make yourself more employable – One question which most job seekers ask is how to make yourself more employable. A degree is always beneficial when it comes to the job, but if you need to prove yourself in this challenging scenario, you must be in the employer’s good book.
Below are the few things you can do apart from your studies if you are dreaming of a better future for yourself or the best job.

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Have a solid CV for Make yourself more employable

Your CV is an employer’s first impression when considering any job. So it is essential to make sure that you professionally present yourself. You must add relevant things to apply for the job you want.

Get some work experience or join an Internship.

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It is the best way to show your employer that You Are the most employable person. The internship or work experience will show your employers your dedication to your development. If it is unpaid, it will show your willingness to work for free to gain experience.

If you want to look for work experience or an internship, you can visit any job site like Times or These are the best job sites that can help you find the options as per your choice.

Make yourself available online For Make yourself more employable

Many lawyers nowadays look for candidates online as they are easily accessible. To be searchable, you need to make your online presence. Make your online profile on LinkedIn. It is one site that helps you reach potential employers based on your experience. Make your online profile on LinkedIn. It is one site that will allow people to find a professional in the same industry.

Get a part-time job to Make yourself more employable

And it may be possible that a part-time job will not be relevant to the course you are doing. It may show future employers your other strengths, like a strong work ethic. It will also prove that you can balance multiple things at one time like you manage your studies and a part-time job. Also, extra money from your part-time job will give you more confidence, and we all want that.

Volunteer work

It is yet another way to show your work ethic. A voluntary job can be enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. There are many places you can do it. You can look online or go to charity shops and community centers for the same.

Develop network

A good network means good contacts, and good contacts, in turn, may help you find invaluable employment. You can have a good network by following people from your industry on Twitter and LinkedIn.

You started to say who will be surprised to see the number of people you will come across from your industry who can help you to get to know your industry well. Many universities run events like guest lectures, industry orientation, and job fairs that can help you get better opportunities to Make yourself more employable

Practice mock interviews

The following best way to be employable is practicing for the actual interview. The more you practice, the better you will become at it. The mock interview is one such method. It will help you develop confidence for the interview. You can contact me here for the mock interview.

To be more employable, check the Interview skills series.

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