How to speak English for introverts

English speaking skills as an introvert

English speaking skills as an introvert – Many people say that you need to speak English right from day one. The only option to learn a language is you need to know it. But, you are an introvert, so it will be difficult for you to speak from the first day.
It would help to remember that the faster you start, the better it will be for you, as you will get better at an essential skill: not getting terrified to speak in front of people.

How to Improve English speaking skills as an introvert?
To learn English, you have to use it!
But what if you are shy?, how to learn English speaking skills as an introvert?

Just do not worry Introverts can also master English – Here is how?

Improve English speaking skills as an introvert

Let us first understand Who is an introvert? and how to improve English speaking skills as an introvert

The first thing is to know that being introverted is not the same as being shy. It is said a belief that an introvert is someone who is a quiet person and prefers to do anything rather than speak. So, being scared is not being introverted.
An introvert is an inwardly directed psychic energy and more reflective than expressive. Many personality tests in the world have proved that difference between an extrovert and an introvert is extroverts are expressive, lively, and speak more. At the same time, introverts are quieter and have low-key personalities.
Introversion does not mean that you are bad at social interaction. You can have excellent social skills, just like any extrovert. It has to do with what interests or stimulates you.

Improve English speaking skills as an introvert
Public speaking

How can introverts learn English? or How can improve your English speaking skills as an introvert

If you get heart palpitations when you think of introducing yourself in English, let me tell you a few reasons for doing things.

Introverts are observers
Introverts are the people who are good observers and good at watching group interactions. You notice what others do or say. The best thing for you is observing is an essential part of learning a language.
When you pay attention to the usage of English by others, and then trying it yourself is one of the best ways of the English learning process. It would work in your favor.

Introverts may process information faster.
As per many types of research, it is that introverts have good processing speed. It adds up to the reason for learning the English language.

Now, we know that being introverted should not be why not to learn English. Let me share a few activities for learning English:


Podcasts are my favorite resources with my students, as this is the most effective teaching method. When I see the success of my students, I have seen the people who listen more to podcasts or other audio in English perform better when it comes to learning English.
Listening helps you to observe the pronunciation and vocabulary. Podcasts are exciting and flexible and help you get a better to learn English speaking skills as an introvert


Reading is the old and effective method but may be time taking or boring. It is something where we do not need anyone, so that introverts may like it.


In my opinion, this is an innovative method that can be done in fun and can help you learn more in less time in a much better way. It is repeating the speech repeatedly in an audio or video text after hearing it. The method is same just like a small kid is asked to imitate whatever he hears till he learns it.
It is effective for the new generation as it focuses on rhythm, pitch, and tone. It also impacts your pronunciation. I have a community for the same. Check it out and join it to learn English speaking skills as an introvert

Recording yourself

It is one activity that you can do wherever you want. To start your English-speaking journey, take up your phone and start recording your video and audio. If possible, send the recording to some of your close-knit groups in who you have confidence. They may tell you what else you can do.
It will give you confidence with time. Also, you can practice as much as possible. You can know your improvement areas. When you listen to yourself after one month, you will surely see a new version of yours.

Watching videos

Watching videos on youtube or NetFlix is also one of the practical learning tools for English. It is also something we enjoy. Choose the content of your choice and start watching that. You can also combine this with shadowing, where your record the dialogues you see on your favorite youtube video or NetFlix.
It will also help you discover new vocabulary words. Here, you can keep subtitles on to get support for yourself.

Write in English

One of the introverts’ favorite activities is writing, which requires reflection. You also be able to observe and improve by seeing your mistakes. However, this may be overwhelming for some, so I do not recommend this at the initial level for improve English speaking skills as an introvert
As we are writing in a second language, it may be difficult for you, so you can skip this if you wish to.

All the above activities mentioned above are the best to learn English communication.
You also need to prioritize 1 to 1 conversations as groups can be intimidating.
If you wish to join the community, here is the link.

Also, You can join the course to learn English communication. It is for non-native English speakers.

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