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How To Make a Resume
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What will happen when suddenly one day a person gets to know, that he does not have a job?

This is a situation that many of the working professionals have faced recently, due to the pandemic. One fine day, they get to know that company has sacked him out of his job that too without any prior notice. 

Suddenly, he loses his income, his job, he does not know what to do, how to take care of the expenses of the family.

This can lead to sadness, and then it can lead to anxiety or depression.

He tries to get out of the situation, he tries to look for alternatives on how to start all over again.

There are various emotions a person goes through in this situation that needs to be handled in an appropriate manner.

The whole process can be stressful and can have many stages which may differ from person to person.


The stages can be:

Shock – This is due to the fear, panic uncertainty, hurt that is experienced due to the sudden change. 

Denial – This is due to the disbelief of how this can happen.

Anger – This is due to the frustration as something on which the survival depends is taken.

Depression – This is due to the hopeless feeling due to a thought that what will happen.

Isolation – This is due to the withdrawal and worry of what next to do.

This can go on for a long time, if not taken care of appropriately. This is one form of depression that contributes to a major portion of total depression cases all over the world.

This will be a situational depression if catered to in a proper manner. One thing to be taken care of is it can turn into clinical depression if the right steps are not taken. Make a Resume


 What are the things to be taken care of to be motivated, when you lose a job?

It is easy to say to be motivated, even in this situation, but two things need to be recognized:

  •        One, job loss is situational.
  •        It is not worth it to blame yourself.

There are millions of people who are living with this new normal thing. Yes, it takes some adjustment.

Let me share some of the things to be done in this scenario:

Know and meet your basic needs

The first and the most important thing is to know what are your basic needs and in this scenario, if possible look for some contract jobs. Also, you can take the help of your friends and relatives for the same. This will help to assist you with your local needs. This will reduce your stress as the problem of meeting the basic needs of your life is solved for the time being.



Keep your health a priority

This is the one thing that is most important, keeping your health (physical and mental both) a priority. It goes for a toss when something like this happens, especially the mental health. If you need some professional help, then contact a therapist.



Be connected to your network – How To Make a Resume

Do not isolate or stay at home. Meet friends, go out for a walk. Have a routine that provides some structure. If you cannot meet people physically, have a video chat or phone call. These conversations can help you get your mood better and who knows, it leads to a job opportunity because of this networking.



Look and do what makes you happy

It is difficult, and you may be anxious, but do not let any unfortunate situation affect the rest of your life. Give some time to your hobbies and do what brings you joy. You do not lose the chance of having fun, just because you do not have a job. Volunteer in different activities, so that you get opportunities to network.

How To Make a Resume
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Make a job search plan

Sitting and waiting for the job will not help and repenting what happened will also not help. Have an intention and develop a plan to search for a new job. Sit and do your SWOT analysis by critically examining your skillset, what you need to learn and what are the opportunities. Update your resume and social media.

Make a list of jobs that you would like to apply for and research the companies that can be a good fit for you. Decide a time out in your routine for the job search and set a goal for the number of jobs you plan to apply for.

How To Make a Resume
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How To Make a Resume – Practice your interview skills


As you need to give an interview to secure a new job, you should prepare for the job interviews. Make a list of questions interviewers can ask and write down the responses that can emphasize your transferable skills. You can do so by mock interviews that can be done with friends and relatives.

Prepare your answer on STAR technique and based on how you will bring value to the workplace. 



Invest in your skillset


This is the time that can be invested to learn a new skill. You can take up webinars, training, or classes that will help you develop a new skill. Skills do not have to be work-related, it can be a hobby and can allow you to build a network. It may give you an opportunity for a new job.


Take help if needed, do not be afraid


There are many social workers, counselors, career coaches, and therapists who can help you to pass through this phase and handle it with care. They can provide you assistance with job search also. While connecting with people, we can share life experiences that can help us build networks.


Finding a job is tough and support can always help everyone!


Do check the sample formats by clicking on the link.

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