Public Speaking Training – Everyone needs to give presentations, whether you do a job or business, so we need to know the styles of public speaking in Public speaking training. The simple way to make a presentation is by knowing the purpose of the presentation. We will be discussing styles of public speaking.

Know the type of speech – Public speaking training

There are five different types of speech that we may need to make. It is effortless to find it. It will help you in the speech creation and delivery process simply and in a more precise way.
Let me share an incident with you. It is about one of the participants from my training program. He was supposed to prepare a speech for a conference. She was preparing the speech to convert the members of the audience into potential clients.
The speech that was created by her was just an informational speech that had no call to action. It was not even catering to the pain areas or wants of the audience and so there was no action plan. It was because the right kind of speech needed to be made for the right situation. So, let us know the types of public speaking.

Improve your public speaking
Improve your public speaking

Style Of Public Speaking Training

Style 1: Speech to inform or educate

The first style of Public Speaking Training is speaking to inform or to educate. It is the type of speech used by teachers or lecturers to convey the information they have. It is the style of speech where we inform and educate at the same time. People understand if you have some information regarding new changes in your profession or need to make. Then, this is the type of presentation style you need to follow.

Style 2: Speech to persuade or sell

The number two style of speech is to persuade or sell. If you are trying, people should take some action which may not be buying something. By all means, persuasions and selling have the same process as if you want someone to buy from you, and you have to persuade them. We persuade someone for something. We are selling them.

Now, there can be a possibility that one type of presentation is mixed with another type of presentation. For example, you may initially be informed in the presentation but later persuaded to buy based on the information you provide.

Style 3: Speech to entertain or amuse

The third style of presentation is to entertain or amuse people. It can be an after-dinner or an after-lunch presentation, typically at a conference where people have just finished eating their lunch or dinner. They may be sleepy, and some light entertainment can get people moving to the next stage. The main element of the presentation is wittiness, humour, and comedy. You may also be telling some enjoyable stories to let people relax and get them back to work.

Style 4: Speech to inspire or motivate

The fourth style of the presentation is to inspire or motivate. This kind of presentation is made by optical motivational speakers and motivates you on what to do and when to do it. They will fire you up and gear you up to do something in your life. One issue with motivational speaking (Public Speaking Training) is that it is often beyond the actual talk, the speech or the presentation. In this case, you will not have the speaker in front of you when you get out of the door. No one is there to boost your energy to inspire you; you fall short and must learn to go beyond that.

In this kind of speech, rather than doing inspirational speaking, you can be telling a story that will move others from within. It will inspire them to change their life or take action on a crucial area. Inspiring, entertainingly reached people effectively.

Style 5: Speech to transform

Here we are at the last type of speech which is transformational speech. The main idea here is that when the speaker is giving the speech to the audience, you are making them take some action. The audience gets the motivation and the momentum to carry on.

You can use activities and exercises to break the ice and get the initial hurdle over in this kind of speech. Once they know these activities, they can continue to change their lives. It can change the circumstances of their life. It is transformational speaking and can be learned in public speaking training.

We have discussed the five styles of speech or presentation now. Let us see to what are the few things what are the few things you would need to think before you create a presentation or to think before you create a presentation or speech.

By all means, transformational speech is the best kind of speech that you can combine with other types of speech because if you are making some changes in the life of others, that will be a memorable speech.

Public speaking
Public speaking

A few things to consider while making a speech are as follows – Public speaking Training

  • Know the motive of your speech

    Know the motive of your speech or presentation and know why you are going to give this speech. You need to know the reason, whether it is to educate it is to amuse it is to persuade, or it is to transform someone.
  • Practice for the presentation

    beforehand so that you are well prepared when you have to give the presentation. You need to practice replacing filler words like and so etc. It can be possible if rehearsal is done in front of a few people.
  • Try to work on the room

    because it will help you to be comfortable while giving a presentation or speech. For this, you can go to the presentation venue and speak with the audience members before you give the speech. With this, you will have some friendly faces to focus on during the presentation if you get nervous. It is evident that if you make eye contact with the person you already know, the people sitting near that person will also feel that you are having a conversation with them.
  • Use relaxation techniques

    to prepare yourself before approaching the stage falls. You can take a few deep breaths to relax. Picture yourself delivering a successful speech. We generally get nervous for the first few minutes of the presentation, and these relaxation techniques will help us to be relaxed.
  • Reading your speech

    or learning the speech by heart will give an impression of boredom. You can use note cards with bullet points as a cheat sheet. Use a cue card and place it on the podium. In between, if you feel that your mind is freezing up, you have to pause, take a deep breath, look at the card, and know what you have to say next.
  • While walking across the stage

    , maintain a confident and positive body posture. Keep your head straight as if you are held up with a string. It will show your confidence when you are talking, and your audience will also be inclined to hear you out.

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