visualization technique to achieve goals

Visualization Techniques to Achieve Goals

Visualization Techniques to Achieve Goals

It is correctly said that

Your success or failure- All depends on what you visualize

It is one power that is within us and we either do not realize it or we underestimate it.


Whatever goals we make, if we do not have the intention or we do not believe in it, we will not be able to achieve them.


So, what to do?

 We need to set the intention.

We need to establish our belief in what we want to achieve.

 A lot of authors, successful people, and many books like The Secret by Rhonda Bryne or The power of the subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy talk about the same.

I personally have believed in that and seen it working 

The one thing for sure which is very powerful for the same is the visualization technique with setting the right goals.


Check my video on visualization techniques to achieve goals.

Visualization basically is feeding the mind with a positive thought process. It is all in the mind.

When we have thought which are negative we will have negativity around and results will also be accordingly.

If we want positivity in life we need to feed our mind with positive things.


Follow various visualization techniques to achieve goals:

  • Have a goal card A goal card is a simple visiting size card, at one side you can have an image that can motivate you and on another side, you can have goalsKeep it handy in your pocket or mobile cover so that whenever you open you get to see this and this is a remembrance of your goals. It helps you to be on track.
  • Write your goals daily – It is very important to feed your mind with what you want. The same thing can be done with the help of writing the goals daily. Have a Notepad and write your goals daily in that, if something changes, then let the change be in the goals. But writing your goals daily will let your brain fix with the goals and accordingly the action would be done.


  • Write affirmations daily – Every day we need to make ourselves know that what we are capable of and positive thoughts can do so. When we have positive thoughts we attract positivity and when we have negative thoughts we attract negativity. When we say I cannot do it that is what actually starts happening as our subconscious mind develops that thought. By affirmations, we are putting positive thoughts in us. Saying I am successful, I am happy, I am healthy are all affirmations which will attract positivity. So, reading or writing the same has a lot of impact on us and our actions.

  • Read and listen to inspirational stories – It inspires us and feeds good and positive thoughts in us.

  • Have a playlist that can motivate you when you listen to it.

  • Have a vision board – A vision board is a board having your vision for a particular time frame on it with the help of pictures, quotes, positive words, etc. After making the same place it at a place which you every day see. Look at this board and believe in the same every day in the morning and at night. This has a lot of impact.

All these visualization techniques induce a positive belief and help us to take action accordingly and achieving our goals.


It will help you to

  1. Have self talk with self.

  2. Treat your mind not to have negative thoughts from the roots.

  3. It will help you to be a self-motivator.

  4. It will help you to focus on the important things in life.

  5. It will, in the end, help you to have happiness, satisfaction, growth, and success at the same time.


Remember “It is all in the mind, if our mind is full of positive thoughts. then our actions will also be accordingly.”



Remember “It is all in the mind, if our mind is full of positive thoughts, then our actions will also be accordingly.

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