Importance of English in Workplace

Importance of English in Workplace

Importance of English in Workplace – Everybody knows, the importance of English at home, schools, learning, growth. It connects people from different background, culture and nations. In this blog, let us discuss about the importance of English in workplace.

Earlier it was not necessary to know English, but globalization has made it more predominant to know English. English is one language which is spoken in so many nations that this language can be used for formal communication. Though English was originated in Great Britain, but because of the Britishers policies it has reached to many nations and used as a working language.

English also has variants. There are two variants British English and American English. These both variants differ in spelling and pronunciation. 

Let us work on questions related to workplace English one by one.

Importance of English in Workplace

What is standard English?

There are so many variations of English in India, which varies from region to region because of the influence of vernacular. That makes people speak English in various accents. So, what is the standard English. Is it British English or Is it American English? Or Indian English, which is the new variant, but it is a popular version of English.

To answer this, till the time globalization did not exist the British English was the standard English. But now, when as far as India is concerned, you can use any variant. In India, Indian variant is quite popular.

On the internet, American English is quite in use as the internet is technology dependent and developed because of the power of America.

Importance of English in Workplace

Tool for employability

English language is a tool for employability. Now, as companies are growing, the need for English language is also growing. India is one country which has added many words to the international dictionary. 

The companies are growing. With growth, the need for English language is also increasing. This is the main reason English language has become one of the most important tools for getting through the interviews. As far as the workplace or interview is concerned, written and spoken English both are needed for most of the organization. This is one of the most important skill for employability.

English is a common language in the corporate world. 

Importance of English in Workplace

Employability skills

Communication is a process which means exchange of information, idea, thought and feeling. When the conversation is done is business, it is called as the business language. As far as business communication is concerned, it is only successful if the transaction is positive.

If the sender is able to communicate by conveying the message correctly, and the listener understands the meaning correctly, then the communication is successful.

A person is employable, if he is necessary qualification, experience, interest, correct attitude, expertise and most importantly communication skill in order to get transactions executed well. An employee is considered to be employable, if the candidate has the ability to speak, write, read and listen in English.

Importance of English in Workplace

Communication in English

Communication is very important, as we have seen this. It takes place in two ways- verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication takes place with the use of words, whereas non-verbal communication takes place with the help of expressions, gesture, eye contact, postures and body movements. Verbal communication is not confined to any language and includes oral and written form of communication. Oral communication is the when we communicate that is when we speak and listen effectively. It can be with the help of various channels like video conferencing, telephonic conversation, meeting, interviews etc. Written communication means when we write effectively and also includes the ability to read and understand the language used for communication. To effectively use the language you need to master oral and written forms of English. 

Expectations of corporate

The one expectation that the organization has from the candidates is, the candidate is needed to communicate with clients, corporate world throughout the world. The ability to speak and write in English are considered to be of real importance. Spoken skills are need for communicating verbally with clients. The written skill is expect to be good as the candidate need to draft instructions, reports, letters, memos, notices or any other form of official document. 

The higher you move in the organization hierarchy, it is natural and important for an employee to be a good presenter. You also need to be a good negotiator and convener of meetings. Once a candidate master the English language, it will help him/her to conduct his duties efficiently. Also, the candidate is need to know the language if a candidate has to appear for an interview. At the time of interview, if you know the English language, you will have better confidence and motivation to face the interview. This also helps the employer to spend less time and effort on the orientation after the recruitment. 

Attend English language training

Till now, we know that the demand for English language and communication skills is growing remarkably. Also, poor level of English teach in regional medium school in India makes students believe that the English language is not for us.


So, what to do?

I know there are many institutions that are mushrooming due to the increased demand for this skill. But unfortunately, many training centre do not have a proper language  learning methodology. This makes students do not get what they expect or what they should get.

I have a 3 P formula which is practical and used with 1000’s of students. They have been benefitted with the formula and become a good English communicator. Also, the advantage with the formula training is you can learn from home.

You will get the study material and content to study that you can access for the lifetime. And You will also be having more than 40 activities to practice your English communication skills. You will also be liable to pay fewer fees than traditional classrooms. 

The only thing needed for the same is an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop. You can learn this P3 formula by clicking on the link. 

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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