How to practice English communication Alone?

How to practice English communication skills alone?

English communication skills – Do you feel practicing English communication skills need a group or some companion? You are wrong! You do not have a problem practicing English skills even when you are alone. Check the blog, to know how to practice English communication skills alone.

English communication skills

English communication consists of 4 skills:

  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills

Whenever we talk about developing these skills, we get to know that we need to practice in order to improve the skills.

The first thing can be you can join a training with a coach. They will help you learn the process and learn the strategies.

But, if you want to do it by yourself and that too alone, then you can check out the strategies share below: English communication skills


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Learn a speech or monologue

This is something that everyone knows, but most of us do not know what do we need to practice. You can start with memorizing something is what we can start with. It will help you to get comfortable with hearing yourself speaking in English. This will lead to strengthening of the pronunciation.

To start, you can memorize the scene of your favorite scene, movie, play, joke or stand-up comedy. It will be entertaining and you will be learning the monologue also.

If initially it looks a lot to you, you can take one step at a time. Choose a simple and short passage to memorize, read the passage, underline or highlight the phrases. Look up at them and practice them to get comfortable while using them. If full passage is not possible, then break the passage into smaller section and do one at a time. English communication skills


Memorize your favorite quotes

This is yet another fun filled way that is to memorize your favorite quotes. This can be done while spending time on social media or by reading them on google. These quotes help you as you can connect with them instantly. This will inspire you to memorize the quotes.

We all use social media every day, so we can make a habit to read one quote every day and memorize it. You can simply search #inspirationalquotes on Instagram or search it on google.

In the beginning, you can start by one or two quotes per week and then you can increase them gradually.


Memorize songs and sing it

When I will tell you this, you might laugh at me, but this actually works. Try memorizing songs and singing it. Yes! It works and it is fun also.

Singing can make you conscious, but if you are alone, you can do it like you do with your native language songs. You can just see that remembering songs is easy. So, do not say no to anything before trying. Try it and see the results.

For the first few attempts, choose something easy and slow paced, not challenging or fast paced songs. Do it a few times and you will enjoy, also memorize the songs easily.

If you want, you can put the caption on. Listen and read simultaneously. Then listen and sing without lyrics. In this way, you will memorize the verses easily.

Now, the question is where will you sing?

You can sing in the shower, in the supermarket or in the car. When you get bored with one song, you can move to another song. You can choose the song from the Beatles, Bob Dylan etc.

You can do the same with the poems. The poems provide you the artistic way to engage in learning.

English communication skills

Have self discussion 

Do you ever ask yourself questions? The questions like
What do you think about your life?
What will you do in a particular situation?

The above questions help you to understand what you think in a particular situation or about a particular situation. You should ask these questions very often. You should do the same thing when you are going for a public speech or a presentation. The provoking questions can help you warm up for the speech.

The better thing would be to record yourself or write your answers down too, but make sure to answer in detail.

Speak your ideas rather than writing them

You might have done a lot of practice, but do not write. Rather, you should speak out your original thought. When you speak out, it does not look programmed, it looks natural. 

You can use some computer app or simple audio recorders of your phone to record your speech. It will help you to understand, if you have taken right pauses, spoken with the correct tone and pitch. If you need to change something, do that.

An app like this or audio recorder can be of great help to know how effectively, you are improving. You can use the Website for the same like which is a free app for this purpose. With a little practice, you will get used to it, Just be patient and be regular in practice.

English communication skills

Use a voice recording app

If you want an idea with the help of which you can check your progress and also you can know your mistakes. Then, use video recording apps. These apps are just awesome. You can record your audio while reciting a speech, singing a song and to record your thought.

You can make a target for yourself to record one audio of 3 minutes every day, then gradually you can increase the time. Listen to the recording and check out the mistakes. Make a note of the mistakes and draw an action plan to improve them.

These apps are part of any smartphone or you can download from the play store in your phone. You can also simply take them from google.

Video record your yourself

The same thing can be done with video recording also. Specially, if you are looking forward to make videos on YouTube or Instagram.  You can use your smartphone camera or any other camera for the same. 

You can do the same by putting them on Instagram or YouTube itself under unlisted category. Do it at least once or twice a week. Watch them out, make a list of improvements and then design an action plan to improve it.

For this, you can also choose a native speaker whom you can follow, to know the speaking style, the body language, the gestures etc.

Review your progress

Practice is important, but knowing what is your progress is also important. As you have goals defined, now check out at least monthly to review your progress. The best way to do this is to assign an hour for this review. You can check the points you have noted and if they are getting reduced with time or not.
If possible, have a mentor and get the last video of the moth from him. You can also send the video to a few of your friends, family members and colleague. They can tell you the progress.
The best way would be by all means joining a course and getting yourself reviewed for the coach or trainer. This will help to reach to the right person in case you are stuck or you are not making the progress. I know a teacher can help you a lot as I am a career growth specialist and I empower people to study by their own.
I know through these methods I have motivated you enough to learn alone, but it is ok to ask for help and guidance.

You can check out my program in case you need to.

Check the series for tips on learning English.


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