Book review- Think and Grow rich

Think and Grow Rich – Book Review

Think and Grow Rich – Book Review is one of my favorite book review as this book review helped me to get back again to one of the best books which is Think and grow rich. This book has 13 principles of success that the author talks about.

Think and Grow Rich - Book Review

In this book the author gives many real life incidents and success stories that include success stories like  Ford. These success stories are inspirational and tell us the benefits of thinking. This book think and grow rich also specifies how thinking can impact anyone’s action and help us to grow rich.

This book is written by Napolean Hill and he divided the book into 13 chapters that talk about various aspects of life like power of thought, desire, faith, auto suggestion, knowledge, planning, organization and  persistence.

The author of Think and grow rich talks about how the application of these principles has helped him get the tremendous amount of wealth. In the book he is talking about getting wealth by applying the principles, but he also believes that with these principles, anyone can reach any goal that may relate to professional, monetary, spiritual etc.

Let us check out the 13 principles of the book think and grow rich and see how these can be adopted in your lives to get success:

Think and Grow Rich – Book Review Principle No 1: Desire

As per the author, everything starts with the desire. If someone has a desire, then only achievement starts. This is the case with being rich also. But, even when one knows about the desires, they cannot find out the way to fulfil the desires. 

As per the law, you will only have the desire to get something, if you have the capability to achieve that. 

So, basically your desire is the starting of what you want to become one day. 

The first thing, that anyone should do is have a firm believe in the desire. You should nurture and cherish the desire. This is the reason, it is said that a person without desire has no principle, no action and no motive.

Think and Grow Rich – Book Review Principle No 2: Faith

Faith is also one of the strong belief in this world. If you have faith, you can accomplish your desires. In fact, you should have faith even before you have accomplished your desires. It will help you to have full trust and confidence in your desire fulfillment without proof.

This faith can be developed by creating the state of mind by affirmations or auto suggestions into your subconscious mind through consciousness. Faith gives hope and so, it is important and hope helps to have the right spirit.  If you have faith, then it will make your life better.

Think and grow rich - Book review

Think and Grow Rich – Book Review Principle No 3: Auto suggestion

Auto suggestion is an idea which one develops by oneself.

It is a technique which relates to psychology and is based on the Placebo effect. According to this technique you can induce yourself with suggestions in which you guide your own thought, feelings or behavior. It is used by many of the hypnosis experts.

To practice auto suggestion, you are supposed to repeat the affirmations to yourself regularly. You can do it by writing affirmations every morning or night. You can also do this, by simply closing your eyes and sit in a quiet place. Then repeat the affirmations aloud to yourself to hear your own words. You should do this as if you have already achieved the goal.

To know how to do it check the visualization techniques.


Principle No 4: Specialized knowledge

One thing which can take you a long way is knowledge. It gives you immense power  to become rich r fulfill your desire. You need to have specialized skills to work in the field in which you would like to exchange your services in return of money.

The first thing here to do is to understand the need of the required skill and have a time set to learn daily and become specialized. It will help you to provide services, product or profession. In return of this you will get profits.


Principle No 5: Imagination

Imagination will be lead to the creation of new things. It is believed and said that if you imagine and believe, you can achieve anything you want. Anything is made twice, once when it is imagined and then when it is actually achieved in reality. The thing which can let you imagine anything is self motivation which will motivate to imagine and create things.

If we talk about any successful people or belong to any profession, like business, music, actor or author grow because they have a power of self- motivation.

As far as we talk about completing our work, then one constant thing is to think of the ways by which the work can be done better and efficiently.


Principle No 6: Organized planning

If you want success, then you should have a concrete plan. The plan should be made in a way, that can lead you to achieve what you desire. Keep a time out to draft a plan and write it down. When you have a plan ready, then converting plan into reality is easy. The plan should be in written form so that the plan can be divided into small workable goals.

Once you have a plan ready, put the plan into action.

Steps to follow to have an organized plan:

  1.  Have an authorized partner for creating the plan.
  2. Decide what benefits you and your authorized partner will get.
  3. Have a time fix weekly for meeting the partner and discussing about the plan.

 Having a plan is just like a driver having a route map to reach the destination.   

Principle No 7: Decision

One more principle which is really important is making the decision quickly and if change is needed, then do it slowly. If decisions are taken correctly, then the success is also prominent.

If decisions are not taken quickly, then it results in procrastination of the tasks and it ultimately results in a successful life.

Principle No 8: Persistence

When we are talking about the principles, then persistence is one principle which one should follow to be successful. Persistence is continuously working on the actions which should not depend on the difficulty or opposition. When will power and desire is combined, then it is a perfect combination.

The problem with most of the people is they give up very easily saying that it is challenging or tough. This will result is failure. If you want to succeed, then you need to be persistent with the actions to fulfill your desire. All in all, if you desire something, then you should work like a commando who do not take a step back till we succeed.

Principle No 9: The power of the mastermind

In order to achieve what you desire, you should align yourself with like minded people. If there are two minds that are different and work together,  then some intangible force helps in creating something great. 

It happens so many times, that just by discussing something with another person, a new and good idea is generated. This is just because of the discussion. Associating with people does not mean that they will take all your concepts, but it will stimulate your thought process and something great will be created. 

One person cannot know everything. Association will enable you to get more knowledge and more growth.

Principle No 10: Transmutation

This is one point which has resulted  in lots of controversy. According to the author, each one of us has a strong sexual energy that we use to charm and attract others, who are interested.

If we use this energy in the right direction, then through creative imagination, we can use this charm to attract people.  This charm can be helpful to us to convince people and we can ultimately achieve what we desire.

Principle No 11: The subconscious mind

This is next and very interesting principle that says we can connect links through any of our five senses.

We cannot exactly know what  subconscious mind, but one thing for sure we know that it is powerful and it can help us solve our all the problems. The only thing to remember is to use it in the right manner.

One of the things which we can do is have a clear picture of ourselves achieving the goals in our subconscious mind. Know exactly, what you want. Set clearly and project it in your mind as you will project something on the screen. Keep it intact in your subconscious mind.

See yourself doing the things, having what you want. Do this every day, mostly at night just when you go to sleep and when you wake up. This will let your subconscious mind to lead towards achieving the objective.

Principle No 12: The power of brain

The most powerful organ of our body is the brain that works like a broadcasting and receiving station for your thoughts.

The subconscious mind if programmed well by doing lots of creative things can get us in the right state of the mind. The brain consists of a powerful force that regulates us.

We all need to nourish our brain as this powerful part of the body helps us to accomplish what we desire.

Principle No 13: The sixth sense

This is the last principle and very important principle known as intuition, gut feeling. This is the sense through which your intelligence is shown. 

When we align our subconscious mind, you get answers to all your questions from the unknown power. This may come because of the gut feeling or intuition and so we should not ignore them. This ability to know and use this great power can only come when you have started the application of the 12 other principles.

These principles, if applied in real life in any domain can bring happiness, success and wealth. So, start getting familiar with these principles, learn them and begin using all the above 13 principles as many of the successful people have been doing.

This is just a gist of the book, if you want to know all in detail start reading the book. You can get the book Think and grow rich by Napolean Hill.

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