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It has been a challenging year with lots of new things, happening and challenges around. I have been a year of learning, a lot of new ideas, new developments for me as well.

Let me summarize here the top blogs of 2021 which has been my favorites and also helped a lot of people around.

My first blog and my one of the favorites as it has an inspiration to start my blog, define my updated goal.

How to Achieve Career Growth – 3 STEPS

Who do not want to have all the good things in life like-A good Lifestyle, 

Wealth, Personality, Reputation, Relationship, Satisfaction, Respect Credibility In the end a good life…

All of us Right! So, How can we get it?


The answer is in the blog to all your queries like the one mentioned above or the questions like


This blog talks about 3 Steps to achieve steady career growth are




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We all have fears and one fear among all fears is a conversation in English.

Firstly, How can we learn English skills?

Secondly, Do you know English can be learned?

Lastly, How English skills and career growth are linked?

Moreover, the routine changes mentioned, if done we can bring English as a natural language for us.


Follow 3 simple steps

  1. PRACTICE as much as possible by doing it regularly to develop a habit.

  2. PLAY to have fun as enjoying what we do is very important and the element of fun.

  3. PERFORM to develop by putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations to know how much we have learned.

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Reading, by all means, is the best Reading, by all means, is the best thing you can do to learn, get away with also stress. Even spend time on but, do you know what are the life-changing books which everyone should read atleast once in a lifetime?

There are many books that a person can read, but the below mentioned 12 books are the ones that can really impact you and your personality in a broader and better way. These books are the ones that impact the overall thought process of a person irrespective of age, profession, or also religion of a person.

Also, you can check out all the books on the list of all the books.


The books talked about here are:

1 – IKIGAI – The Japanese secret to a long and happy life by Héctor García

2- The ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho

3- Rich dad poor dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

4-The Budha and the badass by Vishen Lakhiani

5- The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey

6- The Secret by Rhonda Byrne


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Do you want to learn English? -for beginners

Do you want to learn English, but you are afraid of the complexities?

Is it that you find learning English difficult?

Learning any new language can be a big challenge, but it is not impossible.


You need to put in some effort and give some time as any kid would do to learn a new skill.

Though there are a lot of things which a person should know to be perfect in a language, the first few things that one should start learning that will make English easier for you are:

Know the sounds of the Alphabet


Rules of basic spelling

Punctuations and the correct usage

Parts of speech

Frequently used words Click the link to check the blog – Do you want to learn English? -for beginners


What are the Interview questions?

An interview is a process that helps the candidate to have the desired job. It helps the employer also to get the right candidate with the attributes he wants. This is the best way a candidate can be chosen for the job profile.

In the interview, the main part which is somewhat fearful for many and haunts everyone is facing 1 to 1 face to face interview round. This is something that deals with the bombarding of questions from the interviewer’s side and ÿou need to answer him correctly and with ease. Here your confidence, body language, what you say all are important.


Questions related to you

Behavior related questions

Job profile related questions

Thought process-related questions

Experience related questions

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