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The question which I am going to pick today is also one of the questions which is asked by many from me and one part of it is covered by me in the last tip.

How to write content – steps to follow

The first two questions about why writing skills are important are already covered – check the link.


We already discussed writing skills are important because:

It is important to communicate well as in formal communication, written communication is really important.

It is important as it shows your professionalism in conversation. You may need to write an email, message, or report so, you need to be aware of writing skills. It is seen as one of the best skills as it is rarely found in people.


The message can be communicated in the best way to the people whom you want.  Let us just check out the stages.


There is a 4 stage process which can be used for best content writing, which can really make a huge difference. In general, we just start writing about the topic. We are given to write, but if we go by method the content will not only be interesting, but will also be responsive yielding to you.

Here are the 4 stages to be followed to improve your writing skills

Stage 1 – Planning Stage

This is the first and the most important stage and if you give your 100% at this stage, the probability is all will fall at the right place. Whatever may be the content – Letter, report, Email, Notice, Blog.

If this stage is taken care of in the correct manner then, all the rest of the effort is also reduced. Just give 10 % of the total time assigned by you for the content writing to planning.

What all needs to be planned

  • What is the purpose of the content? –  Know the purpose for which you have to write the content. For the same keep the end in mind. When you know the purpose you will be able to better write the content.
  • What to write as per the audience? – When planning for purpose know your audience first. The content, purpose, vocabulary and all other things will be dependent on the audience. Be creative and do not rely on the same content as it depends on time and audience age, profession ad other demographics.
  • How much long the content should be? – Also consider the length of the content and the time which will be required to read the content by the readers. As, everybody wants to utilize time wisely and lengthy content is not appreciated by any.
  • What will the vocabulary -simple or complex? This is yet another parameter which needs to be taken care of while planning. Whether the vocabulary used should be simple or complex.
  • Where will be content posted? The medium where the content is posted is also important as the language, length and vocabulary will depend on this too.

Stage 2 – Drafting stage

When you have planned the content, now prepare a draft by organizing and streamlining the points as per the sequence. This will allow you to have a story which can keep your content interesting. It will also help you to avoid duplication of point or missing any important point.


Stage 3 – Evaluation


This is the stage where you self evaluate the content or get it evaluated by few people. Here, first the writer will self evaluate the content for spelling, grammar, punctuations and composition of sentences. Later, structure and overall effectiveness of the content also needs to be evaluated.

Once you have self evaluated the content, take the help of some people around to evaluate the content for you before you publish the final content. If some change is needed to be done, then that can also be made based on the evaluation.


Stage 4 – Publishing Phase

This is the last phase. Here after all the above mentioned stages you have the appropriate medium available. You just need to publish the content. Make sure to check the content once it is published.

The whole writing process is not fixed and can vary from person to person and content to content. But if this process is followed, then the content is mostly properly made.

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