The One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager – Book Review

The One Minute Manager – There are several books which people read but a few of them impact your way of working. Same is the case with this book, so check the one minute manager book review in this blog post. The authors of this book are legends, Ken Blanchard and Spencer Jhonson.

The books talk about three tools which, if applied in 60 seconds correctly, then it will change your overall management style. These are 3 secrets which can help get better results, more free time and empower people to be more effective and fulfilled. The author uses the real life example to explain the three points. You can get the book the one minute manager.

In this book one new manager meets his manager and the subordinates to know the different style used by the successful manager. These are just 3 secrets if applied can change overall things. It solves lots of problems.

Few common problems which are identified and provided solutions are:

Secret no. 1

             One common problem in the organization is the lack of clearly defined roles and responsibilities. The most important thing is people in the organizations should clearly know what their goals are and what success looks like. Also, that should be clearly shared between the superior and the staff.

  • The main point here is to set goals in one page and should be reviewed in less than one minute daily. In the first part it talks about how to plan and make your goals and how to review them through self-management by staff members.
  • After setting goals, stay close to the staff.
  • Monitor their activities and results, try to get short progress report.
  • Here it is important to not focus on what they are not doing right, but what they are doing right.

           The goals should be made based on 80/20 principle where focus should be made on making 3 goals written in less than 250 words. These goals need to be SMART.

Secret no. 2

           Once your roles and responsibilities are clear, you need to use secret no. 2 which is to praise people when something is done right. At this point you also need to redirect them if something needs to be improved. There is one problem which people commonly have is no information about how they are performing. This makes them wait for the annual review for feedback.

          When you see someone doing something right. Make sure you

  • Share the praises in 30 seconds and combine them with some physical appreciative gestures like thumbs up or pat on the back.
  • Take a pause so that the praise can be absorbed by the staff member.  
  • Affirm the staff in next 30 seconds.

Secret no. 3

          After secret no. 2, here comes secret no. 3. It is used when someone does the mistakes or something wrong give one minute feedback as soon as possible. The one minute feedback is called as one minute redirect.

          According to one minute redirect

  • First address the mistake (30 seconds)
  • Pause for a while so that the person can understand it well.
  • Affirm the staff that the person is capable of much more and include an appreciation here (30 seconds).

        This will make employees feel that the mistakes and treated fairly. By doing this you are telling what is not right. With appreciation you are also making sure that no hard feelings are developed. It will also make your employee feel that they are integral part of the organization.

You can get the details of the book the one minute manager.

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