Steps to speak English naturally

Steps to speak English naturally

Speak English naturally – Do you want to speak English, but hesitate a lot? And Do you find it difficult to express yourself? Do you translate words and form sentences, but they sound unnatural when you speak? There is no need to worry, there are many people who face these problems. This blog will help you to get the answers of the above questions. Check out the steps to speak English naturally.

Though there are many tips and ways that are recommended by people to learn English. These simple steps can help you to learn English naturally. These are 4 simple steps. To speak English naturally

Let us talk about all the steps one by one.

Step no 1 – Think of English Words

The main problem which most of the people face while speaking in English is thinking in English. Forming the sentences in English can be difficult in the beginning. According to the first step, first start identifying the objects that are around you. Once you identify the objects, just know what they are called and learn what they are called. speak English naturally

Like where you are right now, just observe the things around you, identify the names and learn them. While learning make sure to learn pronunciation, spelling also.

Same ways if you are going out, check out the things around you and identify the names and learn them.

Now the question is how will you get to know the names, so use for finding the names, pronunciation and spellings. But, if you want to know the system then check out the link of fearless communication.

Speak English naturally – Also check the following links for more information on the same.

Step 2: Think of Complete Sentences

Now that you are aware of the names of the things around you, start with the next step. Start framing the sentences. Here you need to remember that do not worry, if initially you face difficulties or frame wrong sentences. With practice you will be able to improve this. speak English naturally

Key here is to be regular and practice as much as possible. Check out the link to know the fun and practical ways to learn English.

If you want to learn how to frame sentences, check out the link.

The examples of some common sentences are:

  • This is my book.
  • The flowers are beautiful.
  • I am Anju Jindal.
  • The children are playing in the park.
  • The dogs are barking.

Step 3:  Start to use in English Everyday

The first two steps were about getting the words right and framing the sentences in English right. Now, you should not stop, start interacting in English in everyday life. Wherever and whenever it is possible, use English in conversation. To practice the same you can mix your native language and English at initial stage.

Once you are comfortable with the language, then have as much English conversation as possible. You can also start talking about daily works, routine in English.

Like – How is the weather today?

Where are you going?

Who all is coming to your home?

With the help of this daily practice, you can keep the record of the sentences that are used in day to day conversations. You do not need to do anything extra for practicing.

Use the P3 formula for practicing.

Step 4: Tell a Story

When we are able to form a sentence, then simply start with the simplest method for speaking fluently. Start to narrate the story. You can do this anytime when you are travelling, you are waiting or getting bored. Think of any story and create a story in English.

These above simple 4 steps can help you learn English language naturally and learn English naturally.

You can also take training for learning the system of English. It can be done by using a technique which is P3 process which is part of my course.

If you want to learn the training, it is part of this course fearless communicator blueprint. This will help you to be better at English language and public speaking. Join my fearless communicator blueprint program.

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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