How To Handle Spelling Mistakes

How To Handle Spelling Mistakes

The fact is we all do one thing while writing in English. It is spelling mistakes. It is common and bound to happen. In this blog we need to know how to handle spelling mistakes.

This is necessary to know to boast confidence and ability of the English language.

We first need to know when is the spelling mistake made. Is it during learning spellings or at other times.

how to handle spelling mistakes

If it is done during learning spellings following needs to be done

  • We need to know that every spelling mistake is the chance to learn.
  • Read exactly what is written carefully and match it with what according to you is the spelling.
  • Find out the reason for the cause of the spelling mistake. Rules like we need to use ‘i”  before “e” except it it is after “c”. If you need to know the rules. Check out the blog
  • Revise the rules again and for the same you can write the rules in your notebook with examples.
  • Repeat the correct spelling of the word again.
  • Have a list ready of these words and add this word to the list. This list can be your go to list whenever you have a problem with spelling you can check out.
  • Do not forget to keep revising the words again and again.

Remember one thing, keep the learning of spelling slow. The pace is not important, learning the spellings is important.

how to handle spelling mistakes

If it is done while writing some random content like blogs, answers, post or anything else. The following needs to be done

This is something where you do not have control over words even you are not aware of the concept.

No help is there while writing.

You are trying to be creative and you want to be free while writing the content.

Here two step method can be followed:

1.) If you are writing about the concept which are aware of and the spellings are also the ones which you have covered. Then, simply have a note with you to review the same after writing from your spelling list.

2.) If the concept is new and spellings are new, then you will encounter new spellings. In this case have a note of new spellings, check them with google and spell check. Write the new spellings in the same manner and make it part of your ready-to-go list of spellings.

how to handle spelling mistakesThese are the simple way by which one can handle spelling mistakes.

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