The spelling mistake can ruin the whole document, but they are common when anyone writes. We can avoid common spelling mistakes. One thing we need to remember, the English language is born from various other languages. This makes exception to every spelling.

We need to be smart enough to use tools and tricks to master the basic spelling rules to avoid spelling mistakes even when we know English well. We need to learn everything. This is going to help us to avoid spelling mistakes while writing.

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Things which everyone should do to avoid spelling mistakes

  • Use Tools and Tricks to avoid spelling error

The best and the smartest way to make sure to improve spelling mistake is using tools and tricks. We may be efficient, but it is very common to have spelling mistakes. There are many tools and tricks like:

    • Using a Dictionary

The Most common and easily available tool is using a dictionary. We can use online or offline dictionary as per our choice. We can use it on the go. For online dictionary one simply type the word in the search engine and it will show all the details.

It will also help you if you are confused with the spelling or two similar words like Accept and Except.

    • Use a spell checker

This is another good feature which saves a lot of time and a lot of efforts too. If you are using any document app or browser like MS word then, the best part is they have inbuilt spell check. You will see red or blue lines under the word. This specifies that there is some mistake.

Yes, spell check is not 100% accurate, but the words having a problem will pop up. You can then analyze the word if changes are needed or not.

avoid common spelling mistakes

    • Check and assess the content before sending or posting

As we know now that spell check will not check everything. There is always a possibility that there are some typing errors. So, the best way is to read the content aloud to yourself. When you are doing so you will have a close and slow look at what is written. This will allow you to assess the words used and their spellings.

There are also some programs like Grammarly,  Hemingway editor which checks grammar, spelling mistakes. Using them will help you to have proper edit.

    • Have a list ready of words you have trouble with

Many times it happens with us that we have trouble using some words. If this is the case with you, have a list ready of those words. This can be an easy reference for you at the time of need.

Like- Many people have trouble using common words definitely, February, twelfth. We can also include homophones like ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ can also be included in this list.

  • Learn the basic spelling rules

We need to be aware of basic spelling rules which can drastically reduce the spelling mistakes. Few of them are mentioned below:

    • If the word ends with “s”, “f”, “z”, and “i” after a vowel then double the letters

This rule is very important, but mostly we make mistakes in the same. 1 syllable words like “fluff”, “less”, “ball”, “shell” all are as per the rule. There can be few exceptions like “Biz”, “Fiz”.

    • Use “ck” immediately after vowels and “k” after consonant

This rule is generally common with 1 syllable word having short vowel. If the word has vowel, then end the word with “ck” like “Hack”, “Crack”, “Lack” and if the word has a consonant, then end the word with “k” like “Frank”, “Drank” etc.

    • Use “i” before “e” except after “c”

These words are commonly written wrong that end with “-ed” or “-ing”. If there is a short vowel, then generally we need to double the consonant like admitted, stopping.

But, if the vowel before the consonant is long then, there is no need to double the consonant like pined, pairing.

    • Do not use “e” at the end when adding a suffix beginning with a vowel

In the case of suffixes like “-ible”, “-able”, “-ing”, “-ous” if the word ends with “e” then, we ditch the “e” and add a suffix. Like response will be responsible, move will be movable.

But, if the word ends with “-ce” or “-ge” then we keep “e” like notice will be noticeable, manage will be manageable.

    •  Always use apostrophes to join 2 words or to make words possessive

When we join two words, then we have to use an apostrophe like “you are will be written as you’re”, “They are will be They’re”. Also, when we have to make words possessive like “The bag of Rahul will be Rahul’s book”

avoid common spelling mistakes

  • Making words plural

This is also one of the causes of spelling error when we do not know the plural of the singular words and we write it wrong. There are many rules to it which we have covered in a separate blog.

There are rules like add “s” to make words plural. The plural of apple is apples, book is books. But, there are many other rules.

  • Create your own “difficult-to-spell” lists

We all have words which we are troubled with and we keep on looking for the same words again and again. We can also have problems with the words which we use rarely or new word. So, what to do?

Simply, keep adding these words to a list and get ready your difficult-to-spell words. This will help you to have a list ready. It can be referred to few times so that these words are learned.

  • Watch out for homophones, near-homophones, and other easily confusable words

Homophones, near-homophones and confusing words are also one of the problems. Homophones are the words which are pronounced same but have different meanings. The words like accept and except, Affect and effect, principle and principal. These words confuse and can be the reason of trouble many times.

We need to know the difference and be aware of these. This one thing will reduce lot of issues related to spelling mistakes.

  • Check what have you written twice

One common mistake which we all do is we do not check the content once written. It is very important to check the content twice before posting or sending to anyone. This will help us to correct the spelling mistakes to a greater extent. Also, this will help us to analyze the content and make the necessary changes. This one point will make a lot of difference.

If you are using tools like spell check for checking you need to remember  one thing. Do not completely rely on spell check. It may not be 100% accurate.

All the tips mentioned above will help you to not only improve your spelling mistakes but will also improve your English by a greater extent.

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