Practical and fun ways to improve English spelling

Practical and fun ways to improve English spellings

Improve English spellings – One language which is considered as the hardest language to learn, but actually it is not, is English. This is just because it is a new language. lets learn a practical and fun ways to improve English spellings.

Practical and fun ways to improve English spelling

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 Improve English spellings

The spellings in English have a lot of exceptions, contradictions, meanings which are difficult to have logic. For example, the word “phone” has a sound of “F” but there is no “F” in the word. Some tips and ways can really take you a long way to learn the English language in a better way.

improve English spellingsLearn the rules

The first and the foremost thing to learn the language in the best way is to learn the rules of English spellings. I know it may look difficult, but if we will start, we can at least move in the right direction. One thing which we all can do is we can start identifying the common patters, and combinations of letters. It will help you identify the spellings similar to them in future. improve English spellings

The examples like the words ending with “-een”, “-ough”, or “-tion”. There can be one more example like words beginning with a silent K or G. You can also learn homophones which are words that sounds same, but may have different meaning or spellings.


improve English spellingsLearn the exceptions to the rules

Now that you know the rules, you also need to learn the exceptions. These are nor universally applicable rules, but you need to know it in order to get stuck because of these exceptions. improve English spellings

One such rule is “I before E except after C” and example of the same is “weird” and “height”.

The problem is, there is no shortcut to learn these exceptions. You need to know these exceptions and be aware of the same. So, it is better to learn it, memorize the words.


Crosswords and code words

This is one of the interesting and fun ways to improve your general knowledge as well as spelling. A crossword is a series of clues that fits by overlapping horizontal and vertically and with clues, you need to find the answers based on the clues.

A code word is similar to a crossword, but requires working with numbers or codes that refers to some letter. In both the things if one answer is wrong, then the next spelling cannot be solved.


Watch English televisions with subtitles

This is one thing which we all love doing, watching television. Do you know without even realizing, we can get better at spellings and vocabulary. You need to follow a simple trick that is to switch on the subtitles in English. You will hear and see the spellings at the same time. This may be little faster, but the brain training starts.

This will help you identify the word and the spelling. With some days of practice, you will start learning the spellings fast. improve English spellings


Reading can be yet another fun way to learn English spellings. You can choose the book of your choice and read it regularly. You are getting exposed to English words on a regular basis and get familiar with the English vocabulary and spellings. Reading is one habit, that  can help you absorb words easily.

Initially you can start with the English version book of the content or story you know and love in your language. Once you are familiar you can start with the new content to keep yourself updated.

You can also read magazines, blogs or news website of your interest.


improve English spellingsBreak it down into syllables

This is yet another method to learn the English spellings. You can break the word into syllables to remember the spelling. Many of us get confused with the spelling of some words. The words like “several” or “separate” confuses. We can remember the words by breaking the syllable like “several” can be remembered as “sev- er-al” and so on.


Improve English spellings – Learn one word a day

You can simply start learning one word a day. With this you will be able to focus on learning new vocabulary and spelling. You can either subscribe to the mailers where you can get one word each day. If you wish to register for such a mailer, you can subscribe to the mailer by clicking on the link.

Do a spelling competition

Have a Watsapp group of some friends, or some social media group where you can have spelling competitions. Simply take turns and spell the words given by the other person or team. The competition will be fun and also will help you sink in the spellings more easily. The spelling list can be maintained in some notebook. In this way you can learn a lot of spellings and this list can be swapped with each other.


Quiz of spelling

There is one more option which can be used for learning spellings and that is spelling competition. You can try an online spelling quiz to test your spelling skills. If you want to be part of this kind of quiz competition, join the community and take part in the quiz.


improve English spellings
Do not rely on the spell checker

Spell checkers are a good option, but will not be 100% correct, so do not completely rely on spell checkers. For example, if you write “four you” instead of “for you” then it may be composition wise but it is correct spell check wise.
It is always better to do a manual check and use spell check for complete correctness.


Use posters and flashcards

There are so many ways and one of these ways include using posters and flashcards. To help you remember the words and their spellings posters and flashcards are really helpful. Keep these posters and flashcards at the place which is used by you a lot like your dressing area or bedside table, so that you access them easily.


Write spellings several times

One simple thing which is tried and tested from long is writing the spellings which you face problem several times. For the first 2 to 3 times read out the correct spelling and write them. After that you can write the spellings without looking at the correct spellings. This repetition will help you remember the spellings for long.

Also check out the correct pronunciation of the words as there are many pronunciation exceptions. The word like “Espresso” is pronounced as “Expresso”.


improve English spellingsLearn plural versions also

When Writing and learning the words and spelling, also remember to learn the plural forms of the words also. There are few rules and when you know the rules, you can learn the words in a proper way. If you want to learn these plural rules, check the link.

Write a lot

Write a lot of articles, blogs and comments as it will help you practice the spellings. If you use the words more, you will learn the words, pronunciation and spelling more. Use the words as much as possible.

Read English properly

Make this a very important point, to read the articles or books in a correct form of English. Whether it is English words, pronunciation or rules, you need to make sure to know them properly. This is only possible if you read with focus and correctly. You may be slow, but you need to be correct.

Keep a notebook of spellings handy

When we are working or reading, we come across words, that are difficult, new or you would want to learn. What should we do?
We should simply keep a notebook or a diary with us, write those words in that notebook and read or learn the word when you get time. The best part will be to make it a point to give 10 minutes daily to these words and learn the words in the evening.

This blog will help you to know and learn the spellings well.

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