Do you want to learn English? – For Beginners

Do you want to learn English, but you are afraid of the complexities?

Do you find learning English difficult?

Learning any new language can be a big challenge, but it is not impossible.You need to put in some effort and give some time if you want to learn English.

Though there are a lot of things which a person should know to be perfect in a language, but the first few things that one should start learning that will make English easier for you are:

Here are some tips I have shared.

Follow these tips if you want to learn English:

Know the sound of the Alphabets

The first and the best way to learn any language is to know the alphabets and their sounds. You will be surprised to know that the alphabets are mostly known to people as far as the English language is concerned, but the sounds of the alphabets are the ones with which people face problems.

So, just to inform you there are 26 alphabets in English from A to Z. The alphabets have 21 consonants and 5 vowels. If you know the sounds of the alphabet well then you will be able to speak English fluently and properly.


Check the below pictures for knowing the correct sounds of the alphabet.






Once you know the alphabets and the sounds of the alphabets, the next step is to learn the proper pronunciation of words. Words are formed by combining the alphabets. It can be very much possible that the alphabets may look similar but the pronunciation may not be the same.

Learning the rules of pronunciation will really help you to read correctly in the learning process. The only way to learn pronunciation is to first know the rules, then practice it as much as possible by finding a native speaker who can be a mentor to you

Just follow the speaker, the way he/she pronounce the words, and the way he/she is changing the tone and pitch at different places.

If you simply practice the same for 10 minutes daily you will see the change within a week. Check the link for some videos which can help you to practice pronunciation- Click here.


Overcome spellings

The next main thing is to overcome spellings. This is one more problem which is faced by many native English speakers. This can be a big challenge and the only way is to practice as much as possible and we can be better at it.

The rules of basic spelling are shared in the blog like when to use ‘ei’ and when to use ‘ie’. There are many tips for spellings in English and many times the spelling and the word may be different. There are also cases where different spelling may have the same sound as too, two, and to. Keep learning and practicing so that you get better at it.



This is yet another problem that may lead to problems in English. The punctuations are the correct usage of spaces and conventional signs that help in better understanding and correct reading of the written text.

We need to know the punctuations and the correct usage of it while writing and reading. Every punctuation has different usage and can change the overall meaning of the sentence if used in different places in the sentence.

Like, Let’s eat Grandma!

Let’s eat, Grandma!

I want to thank my family, Rita and God.

I want to thank my family, Rita, and God.


Basic sentence & its structure

In any language, the conversation is done through sentences so is the case in English. We need to know the various basic parts of sentences. They are also referred to as parts of speech. We do not need to know spoken English fully, but if we have to be good in professional and writing English then we need to know it all.

But it is always a good idea to know some basic sentences. It can be used in general day-to-day usage like meeting somebody, traveling, etc. It can help you to start using the language as soon as you start learning the language. These sentences can help you to practice from the very beginning.

Like- Where do you stay?

I stay in Delhi.


Key verbs

In every language, verbs are really important so, knowing the top 4 or 5 verbs in the language is always better. It can help you to learn and understand the language better. Verbs like to be, to have which are used in this blog so many times should be known. This will help you to practice the language from the start.


Frequently used vocabulary

Any language is spoken or written through words. There is a big list of frequently used words in the English language also and this will help you to get a big boost. No one is asking to learn or know all the verbs, but if you know a few of them. You can use them for your daily conversations. It will also help you to learn further many more words used in this context.

The frequently used words will vary as per the profession and the usage, but you can find the generally used vocabulary in all the day-to-day usage by clicking here.


So, now you know what to do. After learning these few things you will lay a good foundation for your language. When a new language is learned. It may be very difficult to learn, but if you have some context to learn. You can start your learning process in this reference. Now follow all these tips if you want to learn English and become expert in it. 


The key here is to practice it regularly to be better at your language and this needs to be followed rigorously. Stay updated on blog to know more blogs like these.

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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