3 Steps To Learn English

3 Steps To Learn English

3 Steps To Learn English – Are you someone, who is stressed as you do not know what to do to learn English. You simply need to know 3 steps to learn English. These 3 steps will help you know the systematic process to learn English and will take you a long way.

These steps will not only help you in verbal communication but also in written communication. We all know how important it is to communicate and know how to communicate in today’s time. Whether you are a teacher, a salesperson or you work in a bank, you need communication.

Here I share the 3 steps which I have developed after lots of research, applied the same to myself. This 3 steps process has also benefitted thousands of students and made them learn English language naturally by bringing it in daily habits.

I know you would have been excited to know now, what is this system?

Let me just tell it to you.

The system is called as P3 formula which is based on natural learning process.


P3 formula

P – Practice for 30 minutes daily.

Play to have fun while learning

P – Perform to review to know your growth.

Yes, these 3 steps If followed for a month will not only help you learn the language, but will also make you confident and a self-learner. This is a system which will make you a natural learner.

Let us know all the three steps one by one in detail.

3 Steps To Learn English

Practice for 30 minutes daily.

Yes, it will just take 30 minutes of your each day to become an effective communicator. A communicator who is heard, who is admired, who can make people do things and motivate people.

The problem why we develop fear is we are not aware of the language. It is not something which we speak every day. It is not something which we hear around us which makes it an alien language to us.

We simply need to learn this language naturally and we can do so by using the language for at least 30 minutes a day for a minimum of 30 days. Once you practice it for 30 days, then you will have acquaintance with the language.

You need to work on the four skills in these 30 days.

3 Steps To Learn English

The skills are

Reading skill – This skill helps you to read the content which is in English fluently.

Listening skill – This skill helps you to understand and comprehend the conversation done with you in English.

Speaking skill – This skill helps you to speak and communicate in English.

Writing skill – This skill helps you to write in English and communicate in writing.

When we work on all these four skills we will be able to effectively communicate in English and without any fear.

But, the problem which we face practically is we start by practicing the skills and do it for a day or two, but then we start losing the regularity. The reason for this is either we do not have any authority partner who can check whether we do the things regularly or not. Also, because the system is not interesting.

So, here comes the second step to make the process engaging, interesting and will help you to continue by practicing for long.

Play to have fun while learning

We all have been told about practicing, also we know the importance of practice but still more than 80% of the people are not able to continue with the practice. We need to understand that for regular practice we can add fun activities, so that the process of practice becomes interesting. It will help us to continue the same for a long time.

Let me share few activities which you can do to make the practice interesting and doable for a long run.

Speaking is one thing which is the first thing which we do to make sure that you can communicate your thoughts to others. This is required in every language. So, in case if you wish to learn spoken English, you can do activities.


Conversation with people – You need to find a pal or a group of people who can listen to you, and can converse with you in English language. Initially you can start with mixed language conversation. You can pick any topic every day and can do conversation, role plays and do the conversation for 10 to 15 minutes.

Conversation club3 Steps To Learn English – These are specialized clubs near your place or also available online on various social media platforms. These groups have people who actually want to improve English. These groups will help you to get rid of fear of being not judged, but at the same time also improve your communication skills. One such group is Career growth mastermind, you can join by clicking the link.

3 Steps To Learn English

Shadowing –

This is one more activity which is really helpful and easy way to learn. You will have to find out a native speaker who can communicate in English. Listen to the speaker and record yourself by copying the speaker. Compare your recording with the speaker’s recording. See what all you did wrong and rerecord yourself. Do it till the time you are satisfied. You can check my videos if you wish to have a native speaker.

Storytelling –

This is yet another activity which is really interesting activity. Here you can simply start commenting on whatever is going around. It can be household chores which happen in front of you or any kid playing. Just do the same in English. This is something where you are not judged and so you will do enjoyable activity which will also improve your English skills.

Games – This is yet another activity which can be done. Playing games involving English language. You can play games like dumb charades, Pictionary, word jumble race, board games etc. These are interesting games and when done in English will help you get better in the language.

Record yourself – If you want to really improve your English language skills, you can record yourself using simple camera of your smartphone. Do it continuously for a week and then check the improvement in you. You can also send these recordings to your close people and ask them for feedback. This genuine feedback will help you to improve the skills.

Talk to yourself – 3 Steps To Learn English

Though very underrated, but effective activity for improving language and also to know yourself. Just stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself in English every day. When you will see yourself talking, you will start developing confidence.

Use apps – There are many apps which can be used for learning the language. You can use various free and paid apps for learning the language.

Reading –  This is one activity which can immensely improve your communication and your personality overall. You can read books, blogs or articles to improve your language skills.

Listening to pods – This is an activity which is new and popular now-a-days. There are many audio books, podcasts on various topics. You can listen to them on the go and also learn at that time.

Reviews on blogs, products, books, films or videos 

You can improve your communication by doing this you are improving your social skills and communication skills. Whatever blogs you read, videos you listen you can write reviews or comments on the same. You can also write reviews on products, books or films. This gives you good observing skills with betterment in communication skills.

Write a diary – This is one habit which can be really helpful to improve communication and also release your thoughts which you may not be able to do otherwise. Write a journal or diary every day at night. It will help you to make it a habit and learn the language every day.

There can be many activities like this which you can do to improve your English communication.

P – Perform to review to know your growth

You can work out on your communication skills with various activities mentioned above. But, how will you get to know what you have learned?

Whether you have improved in your communication skills or not.

You can participate in various offline and online activities like debate, competitions, discussions etc. One such place to participate online is the Facebook community.

This will help you know how far you have reached.

For this you need participate in various activities which can be online or offline.

How can we learn communication systematically?

We can learn communication with a systematic process which is part of my course fearless communicator blueprint. The process is called as P3 process which I just mentioned above. There are few more things which you will in the course. For better learning, the system will help you learn the communication naturally.

This will ultimately help you get better at English language and public speaking. If you know the language you will conquer fear of English and public speaking.

If you wish to learn public speaking skills and English language, join my fearless communicator blueprint program

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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