how to Learn public speaking fast

How To Learn Public Speaking Skills Fast

Learn public speaking Fast – Public speaking is one skill which is needed by all. This skill is the most important skill needed for growth and making your exceptional place in your peer group. You definitely would like to know how to learn public speaking skills fast.

In this blog, let me share, few ways through which you can learn public speaking fast. Public speaking is a skill which is required by each one of us. It is one skill which helps anyone:


  • To get motivated.
  • To get growth.
  • be more confident.
  • improve relationships.
  • get better at confidence.
  • improve overall lifestyle.

So, let us understand the ways to learn public speaking fast.

  1. Learn one public speaking technique
  2. Implement the technique in front of the audience
  3. Get feedback on the effectiveness of the technique
  4. Repeat the process until you get good at it.

Keep repeating the process, till the time you get used to the techniques. If one technique does not work, then try with another technique. Do this process till you master the same. With time and practice you will become master in public speaking. You will be able to do public speaking in front of any group size.

Check out the process in detail step by step.

Learn one public speaking technique

The first and the most important part of the process is the first step which is to focus and learn one public speaking technique at a time. There are many techniques available. There are also lots of free videos available. It creates lots of confusion in the minds of the learners and so deciding one technique to follow.

If you chose to learn too many options at one time, you can be overwhelmed, confused and will lead to learn nothing properly. You need to simplify the process and reach to one technique. This is the most difficult step, but the most important step also.

There are many techniques available, let us check some of them-


This is one technique which is a traditional way of learning. Read, read and read as much as possible in order to learn. Read everything which is needed to be read, specifically with the topic of public speaking.

  • Watching videos

Videos are the great source of information today same will be the case with learning public speaking. You can learn public speaking fast by watching videos. The videos can be different like you can watch YouTube videos.

You can also check out some of the native speakers who you feel is good at public speaking. Choose one of them, watch his/her video, copy them and record yourself. Check out your video against your video and see if there is any difference. If you need some improvement, rewatch the video and re-record yourself. Do it till you are comfortable with your recording.

  • Take training

This is the third very important and best technique available, but it is the best source of learning. When someone does not know how to swim or how to cook, what do we generally do? We simply go and take classes to learn it. Same is the case with public speaking. If you do not know how to speak publicly, then take the training. Invest in some public speaking course and training. One such technique is the P3 process which is part of my course. 

If you wish to learn one such training, it is part of this course fearless communicator blueprint. This will help you to get better at English language and public speaking. To learn public speaking skills and English language, join my fearless communicator blueprint program.




Implement the training in front of the audience

This is the second most important step. The technique you have learned needs to be implemented. You need to implement the same in front of the audience. Do not be afraid of being imperfect. It is always better to perform whether it is good or not, rather than doing nothing. 

You can sign up for a program or group to practice public speaking skill.
The two things you can do to learn public speaking is:

Get the feedback on the effectiveness of the technique

You will never get to know how you are doing or whether the technique you are using is working or not. You will only get to know this, if you will take feedback. There can be various ways through which you can take feedback-

  1. Record your video and review your presentation later to know what to improve, as you are the best judge for yourself.
  2. You can get a mentor or public speaking coach to get relevant feedback about you. He can also tell you the right ways to improve your public speaking.
  3. Ask your audience in front of whom you gave the presentation for the feedback. This you can do at the end of the presentation.
  4. Get the feedback from your near and dear ones who will truly give you the feedback.

Repeat the process, until you get good at it

When we talk about any skill, it requires many techniques together to get better at it. The more techniques you know, you will get better at the skill. The same is the case with public speaking. So, you can keep adding the techniques and going through the process for the betterment.  Make sure you keep learning new skill, every time you get a chance.


If you really want to improve your public speaking skills fast, you can follow the proven 4 steps mentioned above. 

It is simple

Learn a new technique.

Apply it in front of the live audience.

Get feedback from them.

Repeat the process with new technique.

I recommend applying this 4 step method with at least two techniques for a month. If you do so, you will see yourself learning public speaking skills and eventually master communication and public speaking.

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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