Public speaking is a skill that everyone needs today, but we all fear some degree of fear towards it. So, let us just check how to improve public speaking in the blog.

Do you know how important the public speaking is? It is now one of the essential skill for each and every person in today’s life. Whatever may be the domain, whatever may be the profile.

The question is how to improve public speaking? Check out the tips which can help:

improve public speaking

Practice, practice and practice

Nervousness is normal and good so is the case in public speaking. Each one of us has some physiological reactions like heart pounding, trembling hands, sweating.
This is not related in anyways to your poor public speaking skills or your communication skills. The only and best way to deal with it is practice as much as you can. 
The more you practice, better you get it. When you do your initial public speeches, give time to get over your notes many times. When you get comfortable with the material then record yourself.
This can be done by studying some great speakers and following the way they speak, what they speak. It will help you to learn and know what to practice. Then practice the same to develop your own style.

Be who you are

Be yourself is one thing which you need to follow throughout the speech. The speech should be reflecting your personality. Do not be a talking pod with anyone and in any type of communication. When you showcase your true personality, people trust you more.
Your credibility takes you a long way as it establishes the best relationship between you and the audience. Your real personality will bring you better results.

Use humor and be a story teller

Nobody wants a boring speech, so to engage the audience you need to use funny and humorous way in your presentation. Humor and storytelling will help you grab the attention of the audience and keep them intact. Audience means human beings and everyone needs a personal touch. This is only possible by story telling.

Use pointers and do not read

The mistake which I see people doing is they read from slides or paper which disengage the audience and removes interpersonal touch. This is because the eye contact is lost. The focus is changed to message then to the audience.
The better way is to have an outline ready with you. Use pointers which will help you to be more focused on audience and also nothing will be missed.

improve public speaking

Confident body language

when doing public speaking, verbal communication skills are important but with that non verbal skills are also important.

Avoid nervous gestures. Good speech includes your eye contact, your facial expression, your posture all conveys the speaker’s intention strongly. These also help in keeping the audience attention intact.

If you feel nervous, try to relax by practice and voice breath control. Speak slowly so that you do not fumble.

Know your audience

The speech is for the audience and not for you. Before you start with your speech know your audience as much as you can. When you do so you can determine what to speak, what words to use. 
It will help you to know how much information to give, motivational statement to give. Use of examples should also be as per the audience.

When you prepare your content according to your audience, you can reach to them in a better way. The audience will understand things better and your purpose will be fulfilled. 

Logically organized content

The most important part to improve public speaking is content. So, planning the content is important. If the content is planned in logical order, it will make more sense to the audience. 
While planning, make sure to give special consideration to the starting and ending of the public speaking content.
The first 30 seconds to one minute needs special consideration. This is the time which helps you to connect with the audience. Once the connection is better, then rest things follows.

Grab attention  at the beginning & have dynamic end

The start of the speech is important and so is the end. Nobody likes a lifeless starting. To make people remember you should have a mind blowing starting. This will make people interested in you and what you have to say.
Same applies to end also. The end should also be something interesting like a quote, interesting anecdote or some statistics which can be remembered by audiences.


improve public speaking

Take feedback and adapt to it

It is ok to continue what we want to do but taking and analyzing the feedback is very important. This is the most neglected thing after all it is all for the audience. Gauging the reactions, changing it as per them and being flexible takes you a long way.
The canned speeches are good, but what is more better is the flexible approach. The audience will be attentive throughout the speech.

improve public speaking

Use visual-aid

To add some additional effects to your presentation add on some visual aid to the speech. It will help you to engage your audience better. The visual aid will also let them remember more, as visual things are grabbed easily.

Take public speaking classes

This is one of the most important tip as this has positively impacted people. We need a system to get into the habit of anything. So is the case with public speaking. You need to know what to practice and training will help you to do it in a systematic manner.
There has to be some authority who can tell you what is right and what is wrong. The coaches will do this and with that they will also help you understand deep how it can impact you and what can work out for you. 

This will ultimately impact you become a good public speaker and empower yourself.

If I talk about my system I have 3 secrets and 3 step method which can help anyone be a good public speaker. The 3 step method is called as P3 formula through which I make 

  • People practice with a method to improve which otherwise nobody does.
  • People enjoy the practice with a lot of lucrative activities that makes the process learnable along with enjoyment.
  • People know how to access themselves and get better at public speaking with time.
  • People learn public speaking by bringing it naturally to them and making it part of their habit.
If you wish to learn public speaking join my fearless communicator blueprint program

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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