Your vision board

Create a Vision Board

Create a vision board

To turn your dream into reality

Your success or failure- All depends on what you visualize

One important tool for visualization is the vision board.


What is a vision board?

It is a creative way to picture your goals, what you want in life in one place. It can also be called a dream board.

It is a very powerful tool having lots of things like pictures, quotes, collages, doodles as it can help us transform.

vision board

Also check my video on how to create a vision board below: 


Why do we need a vision board?

We need a vision board because:

  • It helps us to plan our goals.

  • It helps us to track our goals.

  • It helps us to be self-motivated.

  • It is really important for a realistic approach.


What tools can we use?

We can make a vision board by using:

  1. A diary or journal

  2. Worksheets

  3. Mobile apps

  4. Create your own


How to create a vision board?

There are four steps of making a vision board:

  1. Defining your goals – You need to know what you want in order to make a vision board. For knowing how to define your goals pls check the session in the link.

  2. Find your inspiration – Just have the cutouts of the picture, word, quote, person, a situation that can inspire you. Spend as much time as you want in the same.

  3. Mapping out your board – Arrange all the creative stuff you have just collected in a way that satisfies you. Use as many quotes, words as you want. Try to add time, the date for references once you do it.

  4. Bring your vision board to life – To make it part of your life place it at a visible place near your bed, dressing table, workplace. Just have a look at it and visualize the same for 5 minutes in the morning and evening.

  5. A few more things to take care of are:


  • -> As you achieve the goals keep adding new ones.
  • -> Do not remove old achievements.
  • -> Be realistic.
  • -> Dream big.
  • -> Set the intention.


What is the result?

The result is:

  1. Have self talk with self.

  2. Treat your mind not to have negative thoughts from the roots.

  3. It will help you to be a self-motivator.

  4. It will help you to focus on the important things in life.

  5. Your dream is in front of you.

  6. It will, in the end, help you to have happiness, satisfaction, growth, and success at the same time.


Remember “It is all in the mind, if our mind is full of positive thoughts, then our actions will also be accordingly.

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