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FAQ 3 – How To Add LinkedIn URL To Resume?

Many job seekers these days, often ask me “How to add LinkedIN URL to Resume”.

This question has become more prominent now when the things are online rather than offline.

We all know by now that our social media profile is  playing a very important role as far as our life is concerned. So is the case with our career, Job searches.

With all other important things like address, contact details, skills, experience. We all need to add our Linked in profile to our resume irrespective of whether we are sending the resume online or offline.

In this video I will cover two things regarding this.

  1. How to customize our LinkedIn URL.
  2. Where to add it in our resume.

How to customize our LinkedIn URL?

As far as the first part is concerned, this is very important because resume is all about showcasing your best professional traits. So the URL should be changed if it has some random numbers or alphabets.

For this  follow following steps:

  • Open your LinkedIn profile.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on visibility option.
  • Click on edit your public profile.
  • Click on Edit your custom URL
  • Click on save to save the changes.

That is it your Profile URL is customized and now you can copy your URL from share your profile option. You can add this LinkedIn URL to Resume now.

Where to add it the LinkedIn URL in our resume?

The answer is very simple, we need to add the LinkedIn URL Just as we enter our email Id. The sample is mentioned below for your reference.

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