This is one question which is asked to me numerous times and almost all of us face this at one or the other point.

It can be when we speak on stage in front of audience.

It can be in new country.

It can be in Interview.

It can be while speaking to opposite sex.

It can simply be speaking to a stranger.


But, why does it happen?

I would say it is all in the mind.

Let us just cater to one of the situations which is speaking in English or communicating in front of lot of people.


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After consulting so many people and understanding what can be the causes. I can think of following reasons only:

  1. We think “I will make mistake and then what will happen.”

  2. We think “I will say wrong English or speak wrong.”

  3. I do not have right words.

Apart from this I cannot find any other reason.


Problem 1: I will make mistake and then what will happen.

This is the major problem which is fear of making mistakes or fear of looking a fool and this cannot go just by motivational talks. But what can really work at that point of time is.


We need to make ourselves realize that fears are part of life. It was there when we first ride a bicycle, when we first started cooking food. Both the times you did not looked like a fool, neither you were afraid of anyone judging you.


We just took a control of the situation and started with it, practiced it, learned it. Same is the case with learning English or communicating with strangers. We need to accept the fact that we need to learn it, practice it and with time be better at it.


Mistakes will just help us in the process of learning and be better at that skill. Perfection will not come in a day.


Also, look at the brighter part, the benefits which you will get after learning English or communication skills. The benefits like more opportunities, better relationships and better results.


Problem 2: I will say wrong English or speak wrong.

This is another problem which is continuously in our mind. Speaking fluent English and accurate English. Fluency is what matters and not the accuracy because we need to focus on speaking and making others understand rather than accuracy. With regular practice and making English as habitual language we will be able to speak English accurately also.


So, if you want to get rid of hesitation you need to follow the abovementioned tips and you will get away with it.


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